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Sunday: Day of rest or shoppers delight?

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Poll Started 22 June 2005 Sunday Trading: Retailers are asking the government to extend Sunday Trading Hours so they don't have to close at four. Which of these is closest to your view?

A. No change: current hours are fine
B. Increase hours: it should be the same as other days
C. Close shops on Sunday: return to the old days of closed shops

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  • Close at 4.00? I take it these are English hours ;)
  • zodiaczodiac Forumite
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    Increase hours: it should be the same as other days

    I say this for two things. First it is so anoying to have to get all the shopping done before 4 on a Sunday if you work on a Saturday. And second Sunday isn't a 'day of rest' any more (anyone who has been in B and Q on a Sunday will know so :p )
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  • asotasot Forumite
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    I'm against it. There's no need to have shops open longer on a Sunday. I think it's nice to have one day of the week where it's more relaxed. People need to find something to do other than shopping!
  • GreenteaGreentea Forumite
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    I didnt know shops closed at 4pm on a Sunday, in Northern Ireland they are open from 1pm to 6pm, im surprised England has shorter opening hours!
  • I don't think England has shorter opening hours, just earlier ones. Most shops are open 10 or 11-4pm or 12 - 5pm. I can remember when shops were closed on Sundays but I think opening hours should stay as they are. The only time it's a bit annoying is if it's Christmas!! Longer hours = higher overhead costs = higher prices! Also, not sure if this still happens, but a lot of people I know used to get double time or time and a half if they worked on Sundays!
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  • exotic_2exotic_2 Forumite
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    Large out-of-town supermarkets above a certain size should be forced to remain open until at least midnight on Sundays.

    All other stores should close by 4pm, or they can stay closed all day Sunday for all I care :rotfl:
  • jago25_98jago25_98 Forumite
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    I don't care as long as there's somewhen during the week when things go slowly

    sunday mornings are definately the most beautiful time of the week - get up at 6am and watch the sun rise forgetting abuot all the dross drug comatosed from the night before
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  • LuizLuiz Forumite
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    Why are we all so obssessed with shopping ? Is 24/7 culture really good for us ?

    Would we all go mad if shops were closed on a Sunday ?

    just some thoughts


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    My mum used to be the shop steward for our local branch of Safeway many years ago as the Sunday Trading was just starting to come about. As a member of USDAW (Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers) she campaigned to keep Sunday as a family day. A lot of the shop workers were for Sunday opening saying 'but I'll get double time and it's only a few hours'. Usdaw tried warning them that if Sunday Trading was established as a 'normal' trade day then the hourly rate would end up being the same as any other day and 'a few hours extra' would soon be extended to 'well what's the difference in another couple of hours?'. Lo and behold all is coming true.

    We have 3 shops between a 5minute and 25 minute drive away from us open 24 hours a day Mon - Fri (Sat close at 10pm, Sun 11-5pm, open from 8am Monday) and yet I wouldn't be surprised if they would be 24/7 if it was allowed. How much time do people really need to shop?

    Two problems with Sunday opening times (extended or not) 1. Families choosing their time to shop instead of do something else together. Sunday is actually one of the busiest shopping days in our area with people doing full trolley food shops! 2. The workers of these places. At some point they will have to work on a Sunday for the same wage as any other day - where's their family time? They haven't even got the benefit of getting extra for doing it.

    There are lots of shops already open on Bank Holidays, Good Friday, Christmas Eve and Boxing day - so how far behind then will be 'well lets open on Easter Sunday and Christmas day'. The arguement that 'we have a multi-religion society to cater for and it is therefore discriminating against religions other than Christian to close on these days' will probably be used.

    Of course I am a total hypocrite because, although it isn't a regular thing, I do occasionally go into shops on Sundays - although it is only for 'bits'. But the last thing I want to do on a Sunday is drag two children around Asda and I could live without doing it.
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  • Close at 4.00? I take it these are English hours ;)

    Yeah, the great unwashed masses down South live in a place where pubs close at 11pm too :beer:

    Very handy to be able to go to (example) B&Q to get that item you need to get on with a job around the house at 9am, instead of kicking your heels until 10 or 11 :D
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