The Great 'Free Online Books' Hunt.



  • optique
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    A specialist MoneySaving free book: you can read all of Aswath Damodaran's new edition textbook, 'Investment Valuation, Second Edition' at his website. This book is an excellent introduction to different valuation techniques, so you can assess before buying shares whether the company is worth it or not. Plus, if you master the techniques, a MoneySpinning job in the City will be yours!

    The first edition, rated five stars at Amazon, is still being sold for more than £30.
  • maccaz
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    Not sure if this site has been posted before, it has all the classics
    Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Jane Austen etc....

    Enjoy the reading :)
  • angelcake
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    thank you, I haven't seen this before!
    :p:p Angel :p:p
  • susie1979
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    I found these links on the website - the 'books' section. Most are good - a particular favourite is the short story one - very good for when the boss isn't in! I haven't looked at all of them but thought I'd copy all of the suggestions in.

    They provide a good list of online classic and contemporary texts and also some further details about the future of ebooks etc click here for the link to the page,11305,606504,00.html

    The links for classic books are as follows:

    African American Writers
    Provided by the University of Virginia, this searchable collection of etexts concentrates on writing between 1850 and 1930.
    Small but reliable collection concentrating on English and American literature and philosophy, offering browsing, downloading and concordances.
    Bartleby Library
    Attractive and well laid-out texts hampered by a terrible search engine.
    The Beowulf homepage
    This handsome site offers a wide range of Beowulf resources, from images of the original manuscript to a selection of translations, a guide to Old English and a keyword search of the text.
    The Best Children's Literature On The Net
    A collection of links to etexts for children and young adults, with hundreds of fairy tales and bedtime stories as well as more challenging classics.
    Classic Short Stories
    Joyce? Maupassant? Saki? Or Roald Dahl? Ideal lunchbreak reading, with nicely presented classic shorts from classic writers. Watch your eyes.
    Emory Women Writers Resource Project
    Lovingly presented texts by women writing in the seventeenth-nineteenth centuries; gems include Aphra Behn, Elizabeth I, and Hannah Wolley's unmissable Gentlewoman's Companion of 1675. Individual titles have an introduction, timeline, notes and bibliography.
    The English Server
    Over 20,000 English language titles presented in a variety of formats. Browsing the categories is probably better than using the woeful search facility.
    A site as comfortable as a Victorian club on a winter's night, Gaslight highlights and reviews stories written between 1800 and 1919 "from the genres of mystery, adventure and The Weird".
    The Internet Classics Archive
    More than 440 works in translation - Greek, Latin, Chinese and Persian - with a plethora of impressive search options.

    And for contemporary... (these are mainly extracts)
    "Don't judge a book by its cover - read it yourself at BookBrowse!" An annoying slogan but a brilliant resource: excerpts from new fiction and nonfiction books.
    Books Etc
    A wide range of worth-a-read first chapters - including fiction, biography, current events, science - which are attractively laid out.
    Chapter One
    Does exactly what it says on the url - archived, ever-growing library of first chapters from current fiction and non-fiction titles, showing that for once it doesn't have to be out of copyright to be in use.
    Cyber Books to Explore Online
    "By pioneering internet authors" - browse if you dare.
    First Chapter
    More sneak peeks of recent releases of fiction and popular general knowledge.
    Ever wondered what Tolkien, or Robert Frost, sounded like? Explore the vast store of extracts from audio books on this site to find out. Authors include Noam Chomsky, Will Self, Sylvia Plath and TS Eliot. The site also lets you post your own recordings and listen to the works of your fellow MP3 literati.
    New Media Fiction Collection
    A site really engaging with the narrative possibilities of the internet, here you can find hypertext narratives, online serials, interactive dramas and animated comics.

    Happy reading :)
  • crana999
    crana999 Posts: 573 Forumite
    Unless I'm being stupid, the site now just goes to one of those "popular searches" pages.
  • meheraltaf wrote:
    cheers, also one which I have put on a different thread

    For doctors

    And for Family Reference a Merck Manual

    Wow. These are great medical resources. No, Im not involved with Merck! Ian
    The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy Seventeenth Edition Centennial Edition

    The Merck Manual of Health & Aging

    The Merck Manual of Geriatrics

    The Merck Vetinary Manual - 7th edn (not 8th)
  • cindyhove
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    my son will LOVE this! thanks so much.
  • DW2
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    Quote "The Literature Page is your place to read classic books, plays, stories, poems, essays, and speeches online, brought to you by the creators of The Quotations Page. Our collection currently includes 233 works from 85 authors. We add new titles regularly."

    They even have a list of banned books!

    Quote "This category highlights books, plays, and stories that have been banned, censored, or challenged in the US or other countries at some point in history."
  • pks00
    pks00 Posts: 559 Forumite
    tons and tons of ebooks here, lots of IT one's also, if anyone is interested

    ok, its a ftp site, so best use an ftp client, if u aint got one, use browser then


    password is readmore

    I managed to get a lot of stuff relating to dotnet, plus other misc stuff

    hopefully those interested would like it

    Surviving A Day In The Office
    9am Switch on PC, 9.05am - Check Email, 9.10am - Download Virus, 9.30am - Call Helpdesk, 10am - Relax all day whilst engineer fixes problem!

    Shopping Tips
    Don't spend five pounds to dry clean a shirt. Donate it to the charity shop instead. They'll clean it and put it on a hanger. Next morning buy it back for two pounds.
  • Thanks. So much stuff there.
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