Broadband with no 12 month contract - help please!


I'm looking for broadband (up to 8MB, unlimited downloads) for up to £25 BUT with no 12 month contract (pay on a month to month basis). I head Direct Save Telecom do a 28day contract BB, but it is £40 to connect and £50 to disconnect within 12 months, plus heard a lot of people have had problems with the service.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



  • I'm with adsl24 which is £19.99 a month, 30 day contract. Gives up to 8mb, downloads are 30gb from 8am till 10pm and 300gb from 10-8. At peak download times I get 250-300 and during the day its 750-800 a minute. If I've had to speak to customer services its a proper telephone number with skilled replies. No sign-up fee. Do a search for other opinions. Been with them 18 months now which for me is a very long time having previously either left and been asked to leave a number of well known alternatives
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