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I have Rodents that are coming under my airing cupboard door , I’ve had the council out to fill holes either side on the wall but the rats/mice are coming in from behind my big cylinder boiler , they won’t remove it to fill the holes and I’m at my wits end , in the summer I can catch up to 15 a day and I have a dog who I’m worrying about incase she becomes poorly from the germs , I now have bait boxes down but I’m fed up with mice droppings on my kitchen worktop etc (airing cupboard is in kitchen) any ideas ??? 


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    I successfully evicted mice from my kitchen by using  ultrasonic deterrents.

    These did not affect my dogs but did work with the mice.

    You can get plug in ones or battery ones. 

    I used two battery ones in a large l shaped kitchen. one beside a unio at one end one  between my fridge freezer and the kitchen units  in the other section. These were the two places where we saw/heard them.

    I bought mine in a local ironmonger's shop but they are available online.

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    Was it the council's housing repair service you had out, or a proper pest control service? If you're catching 15 a day then there must be an ongoing nest situation nearby, and I'd expect pest controllers to identify where they're coming from, and they may do a better job of blocking holes externally even if they can't get at the internal holes. They'll also advise whether it's rats or mice. 

    If there are airbricks, then these need to be covered with fine gauze, because mice can get through a hole the size of a biro. DO NOT BLOCK airbricks completely, or you'll have a damp problem. 
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    What are you doing with the ones you catch? Are you using traps that kill them or humane traps and releasing, because that won’t work.

    If there are so many coming in then it’s likely your neighbours have problems as well and you really need to get proper pest control in. 
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    I am using ultrasonic devices to . 
    I can’t afford pest control and doing the best I can to my ability . I live next to fields so that doesn’t help . 
    Bit Thankyou all for your advice. . 
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