Forfeits ideas needed for family pass the parcel

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We've got a small gathering of or 5 famillies coming to ours at new years eve, there will be children of various ages upto 13 and their parents, all of whom we know very well. The forfeits need to be ones that the children can do too but not too childish that the adults wont join in.

so far ive got

Put lipstick on the person to your right (blindfolded)
Give the person to your left a donkey ride
Wear a wig for the rest of the game
Sing we wish you a merry christmas, whilst wearing comedy teeth
Kiss a pillow like its your most fanciable person :rotfl:
Act like a monkey for 20 seconds

any other ideas would be most welcome.


  • Spendless
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    How young is youngest child? Too young for recite the alphabet backwards?
  • undercover_angel
    Suck an ice cube
    Sit with an ice cube down your t-shirt
    Perform the agadoo dance on the front lawn
    Spin around 5/10 times then drink a glass of water

    erm... any good?

    Have a fab night! x
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  • ekkygirl
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    Do the macarena
    impersonate a spice girl
    get a moustache drawn on them
  • poppett
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    Great name btw!!!!!

    How about....
    do your best impersionation of Vicky Pollard
    drink from a cup backwards
    make them wear a football scarf of the team they hate most for the rest of the game.
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  • swampduck
    How about go out of the room with two legs and come back with six!! (Let them work it out!! Grab a cat or chair!!)

    Pick a partner - blindfold both - then feed each other jelly or summat else.

    Follow your nose!! Get two people to hold up a blanket - another bod uses a torch for the victim to follow literally with their nose up against blanket from one end of blanket to the other only for a wet sponge to greet them at the end!!

    Drink a cold cup of summat that just does not taste as nice when cold instead of hot, e.g. cold tea, cold tomato soup.

    Make a paper aeroplane one handed. not as easy as you think!!

    If I think of anymore - I'll jot them down later.


    Eat three crackers, without a drink - then whistle a tune that the others have to guess.
    Limbo under a bar
    Do the twist - to music
    Belly dance
    Name seven dwarfs
    Name five parts of the body spelt with only 3 letters.
    Shake hands with everyone
    Swap socks with person on your left
    Remove item of red clothing - double or treble this if they are not wearing red and have to remove clothing from someone else.
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  • Lizzybee99
    You could also try these-

    Make an animal out of a square of tin foil

    Put your clothes back on so that they are inside out and back to front

    Draw a face on your belly

    Serenade a neighbour- next door - literally, or someone in the corner shop

    Using a variety of hair bands, clips etc., 'do' someone's hair - blindfolded

    Send an adult up the road on a space hopper or skateboard

    Make a 'cake' out of compressed flour, put a small sweet on top, then the person has to get the sweet, only using their mouth only

    Impersonate all the cycles of a washing machine

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  • kingfisherblue
    * Sing two verses of the National Anthem
    * Move an After Eight from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands
    * Drink a pint of water without stopping
    * Donate a fiver to charity
    * Name the saints' days for St. George, St. Andrew, St. Patrick and St. David
    * Quote the ten letter keys on the top row of the keyboard
    * Spell CHRISTMAS backwards
    * Sing The Twelve Days of Christmas
    * Build a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows, at least ten inches tall, and balance an egg on top
    * Using two sheets of A4 paper, balance a brick 4" off the floor for at least ten seconds
    * Quote the colours of the rainbow in the correct order
    * Sing any song with the word 'Christmas' in it
    * Hop around the room
    * Tear a fish shape from newspaper and using the rest of the paper, flap it across the room
    * Make a sandwich blindfolded
    * Make a mini gingerbread type of house from biscuits and icing
    * Stitch a button onto a piece of fabric (amazing how many people struggle with this!)
    * Put a candy cane into your mouth, loop downwards. With your hands behind your back, lift four more from a pile of candy canes
    * Take the first name initial from everyone int he group and make a word at least five letters long (if necessary, allow two pre-chosen vowels)
    * identify six items hidden inside a pillow case by touch only
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