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We have just moved into a house, much of the garden of which has been sold separately to a developer to build new houses on. Our neighbour has told us that our water system feeds a garden tap which is now on the developer's land. We are metered and so wish to sort this out ASAP! We are in the Anglian Water region. Does anyone have any advice - should we get a plumber to isolate the garden tap, or get anglian water involved? and will it cost a fortune?! Thanks in advance.



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    HI this should be a farily simple job. I doubt it will cost allot, basically you will need to shut the water supply from the stop !!!! usally (under the kitchen sink). Onnce the supply on your property is stopped you basically need to find the water supply pipe in the garden to the other bit of the land and get it capped. This is where you on your side of the land find the pipe and usally use a cap devise to stop the water. You will not need to take the pipe from the old part of the land as it was allready there. I doubt if you expose the pipe (to reduce the labour cost) the job would cost less than £60 pounds.
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