Washing machine advice (Samsung EcoBubble) - issues with spinning due to unbalanced loads

Hi there.

I have an apparently quite a common issue on machine whereby it washes, rinses but then fails to drain and spin properly - it often gets stuck with 9 minutes left and appears to run endlessly before deciding it has had enough and just switching off.

My research suggests that the machine is sensing an unbalanced load and therefore you need to add more stuff in to try and balance the drum before spinning.

This makes perfect sense.  However, if you are washing a few smaller but very heavy items (i.e. bathmats and towels that are designed to soak up as much water as possible) you end up with the situation whereby the weight of the items themselves before spinning are approaching the drum's capacity so you cannot really start stuffing additional weight from (say) dry towels to balance the drum.

Any advice on what other people do would be much appreciated.

This is the second EcoBubble and we have had the same issue with both - annoyingly, we went from a 7kg to a 9kg, which has made the likelihood of this happening more likely.

I was wondering whether a gadget might exist to help balance underloaded tubs (like a football or perhaps small beachball) but cannot find anything like that.  


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    I think maybe washing machines have got more sensitive to this issue. We had a Siemens that only did this maybe once a year, but a new one ( virtually the same model) does it more regularly.
    My solution is to take out half the sodden washing, and then run the spin/drain programme. Repeat with the other half. If there is a large item that is particularly heavy with water, I will manually squeeze it out first.
    Not an ideal solution but it works.
  • Snot
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    Have the same issue with my EchoBubble when washing bath mats,  only way I could get it to complete the spin cycle was to reduce the spin speed to 400, but of course the mats are still very wet.
    You could try at 400 then 800 etc,  in my case I stick with the 400 and put out on the line, not ideal but probably more eco.

  • elle_may
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    Every now and again i run the calibration mode and after a heavy load. I make sure my machine stay steady by putting a piece of wood under my worktops other wise it will do a walk about and bang about. They say if you have a heavy load then run it at a  slower speed twice.
  • I have a large drum machine & get this issue with heavy blankets. I spin on the lowest speed to get a good lot of water out without unbalancing the machine, then spin again a bit faster. Or in summer just hang out after the initial slow spin. 
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