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Hi Everyone
Hope to get some advice on email hosting if possible.
I have a domain name registered with GoDaddy, and use it with a gmail account so that I have a myname@mydomain email address.
Google Workspace started charging in Oct 2022, and since then have steadily increased the price so that they now want £12/month (must have an admin. and one additional user account at £6 each).
Am I correct that IONOS will charge £1.50/month for 12 mths and £4.50 thereafter without the need for the additional account.
If so, do I cancel the google account before opening an IONOS one or vice versa.
Any directions for this and also any reviews about IONOS would be much appreciated.


  • Mark_d
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    You're just talking about an email account?
    Open an email account with your new provider, point the domain to your new provider, then cancel the google subscription.
    I use runbox for my email account.  Never used IONOS
  • Peter999_2
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    Zoho mail is very good and offers free email for your domain.  It's very reliable and you get 5GB free space each, 5 users and a 25MB limit on attachments.

    I've used it for a few years since google started charging and I've had no problems.   It doesn't allow IMAP or POP3 but they provide an android app and browser app.   
  • Spies
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    Namecheap is £1.95 a month for 3 mailboxes they can host the domain as well
    4.29kWp Solar system, 45/55 South/West split in cloudy rainy Cumbria. 
  • Newcad
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    edited 10 March at 1:32PM
    IONOS (like most other hosts) has different charges for different TLD's.
    eg. You will pay more a year for a '.com' domain then you will for a '.uk' domain.
    There is usually a 'for the first year' price and then it increases so with any host you need to check what it will cost ongoing after the first year.
    You can move your existing domain to IONOS.
    I currently have a .uk domain with IONOS and have had it for a number of years now, I only use it for the webmail.
    (I also use a couple of gmails with forwarding set up to my IONOS email).
    Currently my with IONOS costs me £12 a year including VAT.
    That isn't the first year offer, as said I've had it for several years now.

  • droopsnoot
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    I was with Ionos (back from when they were 1&1) and kept taking out the cheap offer hosting deals, but the problem is that you have to remember to cancel and take out a new one each year so that they don't auto-renew onto the higher price. 

    I switched to "Mythic Beasts" hosting and now I pay £30 for the year, that's for web hosting space and email. It's more expensive than the Ionos deal price, but it's cheaper than their "proper" price and I don't need to worry about it quadrupling in price if I forget to cancel it in time.
  • deskhelp
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    Yes quit many issues with there billing and cancellation process, make sure you takecare of their support before thinking of moving to ionos.
  • Newcad
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    When choosing a domain name of your own always think carefully about what TLD you want to use. (the bit after the 'dot').
    If you are not a business then why pay for a '.com', or a '', or anything fancy, when a simple '.uk' is much cheaper?
  • Postik
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    I don't understand why Google are charging you £12 a month?  I was paying, from memory, something like £4 or so a month per email account, and they increased it recently to £6 a month.

    It actually prompted me to switch to annual billing which made it a bit cheaper (£60 a year).
  • bob2302
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    If you want to  save money you could try

    In the past web hosts have had a poor reputation for email hosting. They tend to do it as an afterthought and most of their email customers are there by default.
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