British gas dispute

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Good morning

I desperately need advice...

I've been with British gas since they took over from my previous supplier in 2022.  
I had no issues until they updated their system last October.
Since then I have been able to input electric readings and been billed accordingly for this usage each month.
My gas supply is a different story. I have been billed for the standing charge monthly. The usage I have had to email them each month an updated reading as their is an issue with the account all of a sudden & I cannot input online. Even though I have been doing this, since last October they have not charged me for any usage. 
There has been a case opened since October when the issue was raised. I have chased them up a few times a month, been on live chat, threatened to leave etc and all I keep getting is an email each month saying please rest assured this is being looked in to.
I have told them it's not acceptable and I cannot have a big bill at the end on one lump sum. They just don't seem to bother and still no further ahead.

I have contact octopus to see about switching to them but stay on a variable tariff, which I can do but I fear that until BG have resolved the issue the gas supply won't get moved and I still have the issue.

Please can you advise how I can get this resolved, it's causing so much stress and anxiety now & no matter how much I contact BG nothing happens?

Thanking you in advance 


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    I would go ahead with the switch, you have the meter readings so no reason not to proceed.
    Similarly as you have the meter readings you can easily calculate what you owe to BG so hopefully you have been setting the money aside to cover the bill when it does eventually arrive?
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    You can call 0330 054 5340 to give a meter reading.
  • cb2507
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    I just wondered if there was a Body that I could complain to, maybe the energy ombudsman to try and clear it all up?
  • Gerry1
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    You can go to the Energy Ombudsman.
    However you must first make a formal complaint.  Best to do this in writing (email is fine), making sure the heading is COMPLAINT.  Make sure you get a complaint reference number.
    You can then go to the Ombudsman upon receipt of a deadlock letter, or after eight weeks if they don't send one.
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