New asparagus bed

I'm making a whole new garden at the moment (the existing one was politely described as a 'blank canvas', less politely as 'bleak' with 'municipal carpark planting'). And I'm starting with the veg plot. As asparagus takes time to get going I've decided to get that in now and have ordered a selection of crowns - 17 in total. 

The garden is north facing but long, so the veg plot is at the back where it gets the most light. It is shaded from the east by a small wood. There is a tall beech hedge on the north boundary, and fencing on the west (with my neighbour's veg plot the other side of it at the north end).

The greenhouse has been positioned to maximise light in winter (lined up with the lower garage roof rather than the house). As the asparagus planting is permanent, I need to work out what the best position would be for it - would it be better to position it as far to the end of the garden as possible to maximise the sun from the south, or would it be better further west or east? I'm building 'no dig' beds as the fastest way to get things going (there's plenty of well rotted compost and a lot more material in bins to make it, plus a lot of cardboard from the move!), so I can put the bed anywhere. The rest of the beds will then end up being arranged based on the position of this one as we'll work outwards. I also need to work out the size/shape of the bed (and keep thinking that I really should order 3 more plants as 17 is a strange number to have!).

All suggestions on positioning/size/shape of bed appreciated!


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    Sun is good, but they will take some shade during the day.
    My Great Aunts was mostly open but with some shade from a big hazlenut tree and a small orchard.
    So I guess that means some sun and plenty of light.
    Otherwise compost sounds right and a lightish soil. But hers had been there years so the soil, despite it being a chalky area, was black.

    Good luck.
    Save some sun for your chair, table and evening tipple after all your hard work :)

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  • greenbee
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    Thanks @twopenny! I have no idea what the soil is like (neglected mostly) which is the main reason for going no-dig and growing in compost while the soil improves below it. 

    And there will definitely be a sunny seating area in the veg plot so I can admire it!
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