Section 75 rights

I have now had an update .. it apparently had to go through approval stage due to the time limit! 

They have now offered my the cost of the replacements at the lowest quoted cost , which is approx £1400 less than the full total I initially paid , I had to get 3 quotes and I chose well known reputable companies .. these ranged from £17k £15k and £11k , my original pay out was £12400 

I have  to agree to this , have the replacement completed  and pay, so I have to use my savings to pay,  then upon completion of the works they will refund me the money … I’m happy to replace the windows and doors they need to be replaced and I’m happiest with the company that gave the lower quote (no sales waffles and no “discount now” offers , the price is the price ) and they have been trading for over 50 years with excellent feedback. but I now have more questions , 

 my savings are in the same building society as my credit card  …my savings are in an isa will I loose the interest? There is currently an 8 week lead time so I’m roughly loosing 2-3 months interest

I’m going to use my credit card to pay the deposit initially , and then pay the remainder on installation, this is the same credit card as before , Also I want the building society to see the transactions I’m making I’m assuming this still gives me the same rights if a  new section 75 , just in case ? and why are they not refunding the full amount under the section 75 ? … and in theory I didn’t have a choice of which company I wanted to conduct the work , ie if I had preferred the middle company at £15k .. should I get back the full £12400 and I could top up to have my choice but giving the time it’s taken from my submission of section 75 in March 2023 , the windows were installed June 2021 the company , I complained 6m after installation, ceased trading December 2022 .. I’d appreciate some more advice 


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