secretly charged for payng by card


i went out last night & got a taxi home. i was given a price when i called to book, this price was included in a confirmation email, and visable on the drivers screen.
i offered to pay by card and was told i need to follow the link in a text message to pay by card. i clicked the link to airpay and was taken to a simple screen to fill in my bank details but no mention of the ammount being paid.
after typing in my card details i was taken to a confirmation screen showing the ammount paid which was more than qouted.

im sure businesses had to make it clear to customers that they would be charged a fee for paying by card before taking a payment, but that all ended in january 17th 2018 when it became illegal to take payments for this.

is it just me or is charging this illegal and not telling customers until after the payment has been made nothing but a sneaky scam?


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    Was there something about a tip, same as in many restaurants?

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    called to check and its a fee for paying by card ( charged by airpay).
    been looking online and its been illegal under the consumer rights act to charge customers an aditional fee for certain payment method.

    wasnt this made illegal under The Consumer Rights act
    while it was released back in 2018 it is explained here
    2.1 For most retail payments, the Regulations ban merchants from charging a fee in
    addition to the advertised price of a transaction on the basis of a consumer’s choice of
    payment instrument (for example, credit card, debit card or e-money); the cases in
    which surcharges are banned are set out in regulation 6A(1).
    2.4 The Regulations entitle customers to receive a refund of any unlawful surcharge they
    have paid and enable customers, if necessary, to take legal action to recover any such

    if they want to charge like this it would still be acceptable if they quote the price which includes the fee and offer the lower (fee-less) price as a cash discount

    its a large national company that recently took over a local firm and is their standard policy

    while its only a small fee its not about the ammount if they are charging everyone this illegal fee
    contacted the bank to do a partial chargeback of 50p
    contacted CAB to inform trading standards of the issue

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