which cctv

I'm looking to install 2 - 3 internal wireless cameras but struggle to understand how they work.
* Would like alerts when they detect movement when I'm out
* facility to switch them on/off easily - I don't want alerts and recording every time I walk past them myself - just want when house is unoccupied
* facility to record. Not SD card (which can be removed by intruder, and is fiddly to review footage)
* record to hub/dvd plugged into TV? Cloud?
* if cloud, how does the signal get there? (and how does it send alerts? Wifi?

I need a better understanding, and recomendations. Thanks!


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    And the budget is...?
  • Browntoa
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    Blink is cheaper than ring . Does not need to be used with a doorbell. 

    Low subscription charge 

    Does what you want , records to cloud , enable and disable , can view remotely via phone app

    Uses WiFi to connect via a central sync unit which connects to the cloud and uploads 
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    I recently installed a SWANN system (from Costco).
    I chose a wired system (which is not what the OP wants, I note that) and all the cameras are outside (specifically did not want internal cameras really).  My system includes a recorder, which I have out of the way in the loft, plus there is an APP so I can remote view the cameras from the phone and watch playback from the phone.  I found the movement alerts rather sensitive and disabled that functionality - it was rather clunky via the APP so I have not and would not find it convenient for regular enable / disable alert notifications.

    I realise that the system I have is not what the OP wants, primarily because it is wired, but SWANN do wireless systems as well so sharing my thoughts as that may be relevant if the OP considers the SWANN wireless solutions.

    If I was buying a wireless system for internal use only, I would pick the EUFY solution.  It includes a home hub where the images are stored and, as I understand it, subscription-free (unlike some wireless solutions).  I cannot say whether it is as good as the marketing makes out as I do not have any experience of the EUFY system in practice.
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    If you want it as proof in a legal case be sure to check what resoloution is needed.
    I had nightmare neighbours and the guy who I called for a look at cameras explained this to me. A lot more expensive. He was local and was giving me accurate information.

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