Balance transfer and money transfer on one card?


I am looking to consolidate a loan and some credit card debt onto one card that has an 18 month 0% interest offer. I am not sure if this is possible to do on one card so I thought I'd ask here if anyone knows of a card that offers both of these? 
I thought it would be better than taking out 2 cards, one for a balance transfer (for credit card debt) and one for money transfer (for a loan settlement). 

Thanks in advance!


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    It's pretty unusual (though not unheard of) for a card to offer both promotions at the same time.
    There isn't a specific card as such that will offer either or both - pretty much all cards will have promotional offers running at some point, it just depends on their current marketing strategy.  All you can do is look around at some of the comparison sites and see what's currently available.
    Bear in mind, even if they advertise a particular offer you won't necessarily get accepted for the advertised T&Cs - it'll depend on how they asses you when you submit the application.
    Most importantly, if you do get accepted and do the transfer, you absolutely must have a plan for paying off the debt in full by the time the promotional deal expires.  Otherwise, any remaining balance will start to accrue interest at the card's standard APR, and there's no guarantee you'll be able to do another balance transfer.
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    You cannot do a BT onto a loan and there are few cards now that even offer MT (and even then 12 months is the norm at higher rates than BT) let alone one that would offer both

    You need to understand that lenders see consolidation as old debt PLUS new debt not new debt minus old debt as there is no guarantee you would use the extra credit for the debt - you could have a hot tip for the 4:30 at Chepstow for example.

    If you have a lot of existing loan and credit card debt, you will likely struggle to get a BT card with sufficient credit and term length to be able to cover this debt - though a smaller card limit might ease the burden somewhat

    I'd suggest visiting the debt free page and ask for advice with a statement of affairs (google it, there are some setup for MSE friendly copy/paste)
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