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Just received a email from BG with what is titled my Quarterly Bill. First thing I note is the bill states it covers from 1st April 2023 until 1st Jan. 2024?prior to this I had been around £550 in credit with average quarterly bills of £400. This bill stated £900.( I am on the old model Smart Meters) The bill then lists and this is just a small portion of the list Cancelled energy charge from previous statement(s) -£204.20 20 Apr 23 - 26 Oct 23 Revised charge based on meter read 1,756.8 kWh at 7.354p per kWh 05803 - ACTUAL read 20 Apr 23 05958 - ACTUAL read 26 Oct 23 155 gas units at 39.9 calorific value £129.20 26 Oct 23 - 9 Dec 23 2,823.3 kWh at 7.354p per kWh 05958 - ACTUAL read 26 Oct 23 06210.9 - ESTIMATED read 9 Dec 23 252.9 gas units at 39.3 calorific value. This goes on and on. I have attempted to speak with them on CHAT failed numerous occasions anyone know a magical contact number or had experience of this where Smart meter fitted but they quote estimated readings and send a 8 month bill.


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    I don’t have a smart meter.  But I did have c.10 bills in 2023 covering most of the calendar year, many of which were replacements for previous bills, and many therefore had several entries for ‘cancelled energy charge from previous statement’.  So you have my sympathy.  I don’t have a magical contact number.  After one last calamitous chat with a BG agent I am now waiting on a verdict from the Ombudsman to my complaint at the various errors in the BG bills.  There are (at least) a couple of other threads on this forum that address various BG probs.  I couldn’t quickly see any entries on those that match yours exactly but you might want to check.  I’ll try to post links to those two threads after this posting. 
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    There’s this thread (which I started not being aware of the second thread below)

    And this one:

    Do check your bill as I (and others) have found multifarious errors in them.  In my experience, if you challenge BG they try to fob you off with all sorts of limp excuses and incorrect/ misleading information.
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    Just received a email from BG with what is titled my Quarterly Bill. ...
    Do you have any reason to think that your new bill is incorrect?
    Have you previously been billed for part of that period, and were those bills based on "actual" or on "estimated" readings? How is your new bill different?

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    The reading & cost calcs seem to equate:

    20/04/2023 05803 26/10/2023 05958
    26/10/2023 05958 09/12/2023 06210
    190 155 45 252
    C.V. 39.9 39.3
    C.F. 1.02264 1.02264
    kWh conv. 3.6 3.6
    Kwh 1756.8103 2813.283
    Unit cost: £0.07354 £0.07354
    Gas cost £129.20 £206.89
    S.C. (estimate) £0.2900 £0.2900
    Bill £184.30 £219.94
    VAT 5% £9.21 £11.00
    TOTAL £193.51 £230.94

    Is there some part of a catch-up read from earlier than April 2023?
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