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Late PCN issued by post

Hi I've successfully used this forum by using the pinned ,standard generic reply. 
This time I've received a "Notice to owner" dated the 01/ 02/2024
It states : PCN ........ ( Insert number ) was served on 27/12/2023 by civil enforcement officer on the above vehicle " parked in a residents parking place or zone etc etc without displaying a permit or without payment of the parking charge. 
Then the letter states: THE PENALTY CHARGE HAS NOT BEEN PAID". 
Firstly does this mean a ticket was put on the windscreen ? Because there was no ticket on my windscreen.
Secondly , the letter I have received today ( 02/02/2024) is 37 days after the alleged offence. This is the first letter I have received and the first I have known about this alleged offence. I therefore not only did not know about this offence but I also haven't had the opportunity to pay the fine / charge at a reduced rate for obvious reasons. 
Is this penalty charge notice now no longer valid due to the time frames? 
Also I have be cer had an opportunity to pay the reduced charge as I didn't even know I had a PCN. 
Please advise on my next steps. 



  • KeithP
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    Firstly, who has sent you this 'Notice to Owner'?
    Looks like it is council issued, but which one?
  • It was issued by the South Essex Parking Partnership as agent for the enforcement authority, Essex County Council. 
  • Also the letter says : All communications relating to this PCN should be directed to Chelmsford City Council( the lead authority for the for the partnership). Full details of the partnership arrangements are available on request. 
  • It's a six page letter with 10 options for the group ds of appeal / formal representation against a penalty charge notice. 
  • Anybody got anything to contribute before I go it alone ? 
  • Fruitcake
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    edited 3 February at 4:52PM used to be the place for council and police tickets but I don't know if they are still operational. 
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    Pepipoo is no more. It is now Free traffic Legal Advice, that you need to go to for advice on "authority" issued PCNs.
  • Well the PCN was issued by the civil enforcement officer for south Essex parking partnership and agent for Essex county council. So I guess it is a council ticket. The problem is I never received a ticket on my screen u less it somehow got blown away. 
    There doesn't seem to be anywhere on the letter to ask for photographic evidence of the ticket on the screen. Only 10 different options for how to appeal. I guess I could appeal under the option "other" and ask for photographic evidence. I have be er had the opportunity to pay the reduced amount either. 
    I will check out FTLA as well 
  • Debszzzz2
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    This forum specialises in unregulated private parking company issued Parking Charge Notices. You have already been advised to visit the website for expert advice on a Council (authority) issued Penalty Charge Notice.
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