Three UK 'missed payments' and 'default'

Really am at my wits end with Three.

I was a Mobile Broadband customer and placed an order on the 29th November 2022 and opened an account.

Then realised it would be quicker to go into store and take out a Mobile Broadband Contract on a rolling basis (England were playing football that evening in the world cup and I was keen to see it) so I went in store and took out another Contract.

Upon the arrival of the Contract I ordered online, I cancelled this within my cooling off period as I obviously did not need two separate Contracts for the same product. I had to chase the jiffy bag to return the item and finally received it and returned the item as requested. 

This was the last I thought of it and carried on with my other Contract making payments on time every month.

I then check my credit report in May and see that a default has been raised by Three for 3 missed payments at the start of 2023 for the account I had cancelled. 

I have been on at Three ever since regarding this who assured me that the missed payment notifications and default would be removed within 30 days (they have been saying this since July)

Today they have now stated that the services were used outside of the cooling off period and payment was not made so my account was suspended. This is the first I had heard of this and do not see how the services can have been used outside of the cooling off period when I returned the item in the cooling off period. Also, there was money in my account at the time they suggest I missed a payment, so I do not see how this can be?

Annoyingly and naively I put my trust in Three so did not keep a copy of the returns receipt, however I do have a the IMEI number to which I was told 'they cannot track'.

They are now saying there is nothing further they can do to help me and ended the chat on me.

Has anyone been in a similar position and had it resolved? Please say yes! This has royally ruined my credit score and report which I had previously prided myself on, and means my chances of getting a mortgage or slim to none which has really been impacting my mental health.


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