Vanquis Credit Limit Increase Claims

Hi all, I hope someone can help.

I had a Vanquis credit card and the credit limit was increased several times over many years, never at my request.  I saw an advert on social media about claiming for this.  I don't want to claim via the company advertising it, as you often lose more than the claim.!  Has anyone done this and able to advise on how to approach it?


  • Hoenir
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    What are you intending to claim for?  You spent the money you didn't have to. You had a choice. 
  • cymruchris
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    I had a Vanquis card - my first credit card post bankruptcy. I started with a £400 credit limit if I remember rightly, and through using it and paying it back in full each month, they raised my limit from time to time until it eventually reached £3500. By that point I'd established plenty of positive credit history through this card that allowed me to obtain others at more favourable rates. I'm very happy they raised my limit, and I don't see anything to claim for. What's specific to your situation that makes you believe there's a claim? Did you ever call Vanquis to say 'You've raised my limit to £X - I don't want it, can you put it back to what it was please?'. Don't always believe adverts you see on social media.
    An ex-bankrupt on a journey of recovery. Feel free to send me a DM reference credit building credit cards from the usual suspects :) Happy to help others going through what I've been through!
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    the credit limit was increased several times over many years, never at my request.
    You're at liberty to phone them up and reject the increase.  In fact every time I've received such a letter, it explicitly states to contact them if you don't want to accept the increase.
    And just because you have a higher limit, doesn't mean you have to spend it all.
    I saw an advert on social media about claiming for this.
    Claim for what, exactly?  How has is disadvantaged you?  What financial loss have you suffered?
    (Actually, if anything, an increase in credit limit will actually have a beneficial effect upon your credit history, as long as you don't abuse it).
    It's always a sensible approach to disbelieve 99% of what you see on social media, those platforms are rife with scams.

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    Echo the above, I always get letters offering limits if I want to accept them or not

    The idea of "claiming" anything because they increased the limit and you chose to spend up to the limit is obviously nonsense. However, I would note that it's highly likely as it's on social media and not a site like this, it's a scam where you will have to pay up front for insurance or "legal fees" i.e. they dangle the carrot of £££ if you just pay £ now. You're very likely to get signed up for things like tax refunds (where they claim back tax like married couples allowance and take a big cut) etc.

    Anything that sounds too good to be true almost certainly is a scam
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