EDF: End of Life Meter and Providing My Own New Meter (non-smart)

Hi Folks,

First post here, prompted by EDF's continued barrage of increasingly aggressive messages about fitting a smart meter, now stating that my existing meter has reached end of life (it probably has).  My question appears to stray into a bit of a grey area.  I simply don't want a smart meter (for various, non-conspiratorial reasons that include mistrust), and I have managed to source a company that provides new, traditional meters (an RDL single phase meter via tester dot co dot uk).

I'm also aware that the Electricity Act 1989 (schedule 7) allows consumers to provide their own meter, and the energy supplier needs to provide a valid reason to refuse them to do so:
An authorised supplier may refuse to allow one of his customers to provide a meter only if there are reasonable grounds for his refusal.
I guess my question boils down to whether EDF are going to play ball and allow one of their engineers (or a suitably qualified professional) to fit a meter that I've sourced myself.  Will they try to make it impossible by charging an extortionate fee?  Maybe there's alternative ways they can prevent this from happening by stating some obscure legal fidgy-widgy-ness.

It would be great to hear of any other reports of consumers providing their own meters; I've had a good hunt around the various websites and forums, but so far I can't find any cases where this has occurred.

Many thanks.


  • la531983
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    I cant imagine you will find much input on a money saving website either, tbh.
  • born_again
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    Have you looked at how much a new meter will cost?
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  • QrizB said:
    As I understand it (and I may be wrong):
    You'll need to find an electrician with the DNOs authorisation to remove your main fuse. You'll need to pay them to make the replacement. You'll then need to inform EDF of the exchange and offer them the opportunity to collect their old meter.
    Once EDF adopt your meter, it will belong to them and they may, in the next year or two, be obliged by Ofgem to replace it with a smart meter.

    Thank you, that gives me a good place to start.
  • Scot_39
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    If you dont want a smart meter - at least at one stage - sure I read some suppliers you could have one fitted but request it to be left in dumb mode - in various media articles - but never seen it on an Ofgem guide etc.
    But not sure that now true anymore - e.g. dont see this listed here

    That only covers the inherent rights you have under DAPF - re meter data time resolution that suppliers can access for normal reasons - defaults to daily - but can request derated to minimum monthly - and the need for you to give explicit permission to let them have 1/2 hourly for billing purposes. (Mote many of the more advanced - flexible time of use smart tariffs rely on it - so suspect inherent in accepting the tariff terms on signing up).

    There was over c33m smart meters installed in UK - most are performing flawlessly but those dont make the headlines.  Many here are saving fortune with them - like paying c10p below Ofgem rates on Octopus trackers or using them for peak load reduction payments or to get the best solar PV export rates.

    But if your are that set against them - then good luck.  People in at least on EU state are already now set on paying a direct fee (c45-50 Euros iirc) for not having a smart meter fitted.

  • mr_stripey
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    Will the energy company be able to certify the meter you have sourced?

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    Well do let us know how you get on as soon far I have not heard of anyone providing their own meter, getting it fitted and a supplier taking ownership of said meter. So this will be a first.

    I suspect it will be blocked at every stage by suppliers.
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    The usual statement here - if you wished to elaborate on your reasons for being reluctant to have a smart meter then we may be able to explain if any of those reasons are based on out of date information, or inaccurate media reporting, for example. The vast majority of folk who arrive here not wanting smart meter's don't think it will enable "Big Energy" to spy on their every cup of coffee or slightly longer than average shower - more common reasons are that there is an assumption that the meter will only stay smart until they change supplier, that it leaves your wifi vulnerable to hacking, or that most smart meters don't work - all of which are untrue. 

    As already referred to, this is a money saving site, and the most money saving approach here is unquestionably to take the free replacement meter, and then use it to get your energy supply at a lower cost via time of use tariffs. 
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