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This is a bit of a stress grumble really. I didn't get my housing benefit element this month as two issues arose, the computer calculated my rent as a different cost to what it is and at the time I didn't have a council tax letter to provide as evidence yet that time. One response said it was acceptable documentation, but then it wasn't accepted. I submitted it all again and this was just over a week ago and I left 2 messages and it was accepted. An agent just said "Done". I did not get any other reply until today. I had called the UC phoneline and was told it was a pending payment. I left another message and waited then called today. I was told that I didn't need a case manager and payment was pending, so I thought it was forthcoming. Today I get a message a Decision Maker will look if it can be backdated! I had to pay my rent and now left bereft of money. It seems like they take over a week to reply and conflicting info, because it made it seem like I was getting the backdated HB. Has anyone else had this happen and how long it took?


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    You mention UC and HB but you would only be claiming HB if you're living in either supported or temporary housing. If not then rent would be paid in with your UC known as housing element. They are two completely different benefits. 

    It's normal for a decision maker to have to make a decision before an element can be awarded. I have no idea how long this will take, sorry. 
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    It's not clear here if you have reported a change of rent, or if there was an error/query on your UC account?
    Can you clarify just what has happened?
    If it was a change of rent then:
    When you report a change of rent to UC  that change is automatically backdated so that it applies from the start of the UC assessment period in which you reported the change.
    So if you got UC Housing Element paid for last months AP, and reported the change of rent anytime in this months AP then the new applicable amount that you are entitled to* will be paid from the start of this months AP.
    *Always noting that if you are in a Private Rental and already get paid UC Housing Element at the full LHA rate that you are entitled to then you already have your maximum entitlement and the UC-HE will not change anyway.
    (ie. if your 'old' rent was already more than your UC-HE then there will be no change to your UC-HE).
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