Mystery Soft Searches

Hello everyone - sorry in advance for the essay.

I've got a bit of a headscratcher of a mystery on my hands with regards to soft searches on my credit report. I'm hoping people might be able to shed some light or advise me on what the situation might be.

I haven't checked my credit score in years, but I've got a move coming up this year so I thought it could be good to take a look. I checked it a couple of Friday's ago on the 19th January with ClearScore. At the time I just looked at the score, saw that things looked mostly good, and left it.

Friday just gone I got notified that my new weekly report was in, so I took another look. This time I clicked on the 'searches' button and saw that whilst there was only 1 hard search from my car back in August which I expected, there were a lot of soft searches all dating from either the 16th or 17th January this year (2 or 3 days before I first checked it) for various credit and loan agencies. They include:

Zopa Bank Limited
Onfido Limited
Zopa (marked as different to Zopa Bank Limited)
Oakbrook Finance Ltd
Admiral Financial Services Ltd
Everyday Loans
Loans 2 Go Limited

Some are there once, some twice. They're all mostly for "Credit Quotation". 

Confused, I then went and looked at Equifax and Transunion to see if I could get any more details. Equifax told me the same things, more or less, but Transunion seemed to have more details and for the two searches done for Zopa, one was marked as "Anti-Money Laundering" and another was marked as "Checking Credit Application". 

These raised more of an alarm bell as I haven't applied for any credit with Zopa.

They are only soft searches and (so far) no hard searches have appeared. I do know that when you do things like Clearscore and look at the offers on there (which I think I did view, briefly) that will possibly mean that lenders will do soft searches on you - and Clearscore do say on their site that Zopa are linked with them. But what flummoxes me are the dates. All of these searches are on either the 16th or 17th January, when the earliest I checked anything was the 19th. Is there a chance that there could be a discrepancy with the dates?

Has anyone had any experience of this or anything similar? Thank you so much for any help, I am freaking out a bit. 


  • Nasqueron
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    I have tonnes of soft searches, get some when I log in and look at the report when it's offering me (affiliate linked) bank cards and loans, you can ignore them 
  • Justadmin88
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    Nasqueron said:
    I have tonnes of soft searches, get some when I log in and look at the report when it's offering me (affiliate linked) bank cards and loans, you can ignore them 
    Thank you. It's the dates that worry me though - why would they be from the 16th and 17th when I didn't check it until the 19th? Going back before this time, there aren't any other odd searches, everything else is what I'd expect. It's just these ones. It's so weird. 
  • maxximus75
    maxximus75 Posts: 548
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    Have you used any comparison websites?
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