Ebay dispute with seller

Bit of a strange one.

Before Christmas I bought a DVD off ebay seller. (£2.33).
The DVD hadn't arrived after a couple of weeks and the seller promptly gave me a refund as had no other copies and advised to buy elsewhere.  Very good customer service i thought.
I bought DVD from another outlet it arrived before Christmas - all great.

Between Christmas and New Year had a card through the door from post office to say we had a parcel but had no postage on it so to get it would need to pay a £5 fine.  At this point we didn't know what the parcel etc was as the post office do not put detail on the cards.

The parcel then arrived on the 2nd January.  It was the 'missing' DVD.  
On the parcel you can see there was no postage at all been added (not come off), so assume a miss on the seller.
So I now have 2 copies of the DVD and am £5 down.  I contacted the seller multiple times - no answer, i sent pictures of the parcel and fee card to show there was no evidence of postage on the parcel.  
Ebay also tried to contact twice - no answer.  Ebay will raise a complaint against the seller but will not refund as its not their monies that are affected here as it was a post office fine.

Seller refuses to pay (after i gave negative feedback on ebay) to say...
Reply from: dvdmovies1. 
I refunded the buyer when he said the parcel had not arrived - The correct postage was on the parcel when I posted it. The postage label / stamps must have got damaged in the post

So, now i am stuck. 
Would i buy from them again? - No
Would I buy from Ebay again - unlikely as this was out of my control and no help.

But I am frustrated I have no way to get the money back - albeit a fiver but principle says I should not have to cover the fee.


  • DE_612183
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    I don't see what else you can do - sell the 2nd dvd and try and recoup some of the £5 lost - apart from that I think it causing more stress than it's worth in time.

    Just put it behind you and don't use that seller again.
  • pdel61
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    Most poor sellers on EBAY or any other platform are usually attempting to beat the system and make more money as a result. I can't for the life of me see what the seller would gain from not putting postage on, they've refunded you your money and lost a DVD in the process, that doesn't appear to make good business sense.

    It is as you say, a bit of a strange one.
  • JCP123
    JCP123 Posts: 12
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     pdel61  yes, i think it was just a mistake as nothing made here from the seller.  But for customer service you would think they would hold there hands up and at least apologise as can see from the pictures there was never a bit of postage on there.

    DE_612183  yes, i know, i need to let it go!

  • bluelad1927
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    The lesson here is never pay for a postage fine unless you are absolutely certain you know what it is. If you don't know then you've got to assess whether you think the fiver gamble is worth it before you pay it
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