Advice about moving home with elderly blind cat

My oldest cat of 4 is 15 and has slowly gone blind with cataracts. I suspect she may also be starting with dementia as she is loudly meowing a lot more than usual.  She has lived in this house since we got her at 8 weeks old apart from a few months she went missing as a young cat. Sadly I have to sell this house and its about to go on the market. 
She copes amazingly well and still goes out into the front and back garden. She naviagtes with her whiskers, using them to guide her. Obviously she knows the layout of this house very well from when she could see and does seem to manage when we've moved funiture or added the Xmas tree.
Does anyone have any tips when we move?

I've reintroduced a litter tray as for years none of them used one. Should I keep her in one room when we move and build up slowly or just give her the run of the house and let her learn it herself. I will be adding a cat flap to the garden and can't decide whether to teach her it's location or try and keep her as an indoor cat. The others will want the catflap as they're used to them. Any other tips? If I could stay I would but I can't afford to as this house will be too big when my son leaves. She's also looking very frail so I don't want her last years or months to be upsetting for her.


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    We had a blind elderly cat a few years ago and we commuted between two different houses and then moved to a third. We didn’t let her out in the front garden but she went out in the secure back gardens. She was fine. I would probably keep her in one room to start with but I suspect she will be fine. The biggest issue we had was that she continued to climb but would get stuck on things like the shed. She would call for help. Good luck with the move. 
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    Thanks... she seems to have self limited her climbing and won't even jump on beds anymore so we have lots of cat beds. She used to climb on our bathroom window and up onto the house roof so quite glad she no longer does this!
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