Renewal price hike

Hi all ive just received my renewal for my 06 plate audi a4 this car has been insured with Adrian flux for the last 16 years with last insurance quote being £356 to my utter shock they have quoted me £1295.00 I've been on the phone over 2 hours to Adrian flux most of witch was on hold to be told its due to more cars being on the road and I made a claim last year 1st thing is theirs more cars on the road every year every year so thats pathetic excuse as for my claim yes I did try and go threw Adrian flux but after 7 months of nothing I decided to make a complaint to witch I won and received £100 compensation in the end I phoned up the owner of the car that scrapped my vehicle to ask him to ask his insurance company to hurry up to witch he did as he was at fault and already owned up 7 months ago to it being his fault  upon this his insurance company phoned me direct and  asked for 2 quotes to be repaired then a week later paid for my car to be repaired  I then phoned back my insurance to witch they said thats good and they will clear my claim their end they had to do this as they said my car was a total loss and was offering me £2000  funny that as  my car is valued at £10000 another problem they gave me was I was house husband and they don't recognise that now so they have to change it to unemployed witch makes them think I'm on the road all day driving around to witch I said my milage restriction is set at 3000 per annum so how can this be  I think their a law unto them selves and its about time we all as drivers stood up to these thrives cause all thus will do is put more people driving without insurance on our roads !!!!!!! 


  • MorningcoffeeIV
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    Could you add a touch of punctuation to make this a little easier to follow?

    (7 exclamation marks after the last word doesn't really count as punctuation.)
  • dunstonh
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    edited 23 January at 1:57PM
    It is a horrible box of text without punctuation, and I gave up reading halfway through.

    For the benefit of others, it appears to be a rant with no questions asked.

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