Is there a 'thick' masonry paint...

...that will nicely cover hairline cracks and slight imperfections?
I don't mean textured - gritty - masonry paint, but a thicker, gluier consistency that will leave a light rollered textured when applied, and is flexible.


  • Eldi_Dos
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    I have mixed some dry sand into masonry paint before and been pleased with the result.
  • Lorian
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    Not really. The closest might be MacPherson powerkote. It's thickish and flexible but I would not recommend it for this purpose as it's not breathable. You are better off fixing the cracks with some thinly mixed (butter consistency) toupret masonry filler cleaning each side of the fill with a damp sponge about one hour after filling.leave it too long and you have a large sanding job and wi smooth any texture on the existing wall. Toupret does not grin through much so two coats of goo masonry will generally start to hide the repair. 

    it's too early to be doing it I would wait for dry days in April as first opportunity.
  • jonnydeppiwish!
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    What are you covering? What sort of cracks? If just hairline in render then Bedec extraflex is pretty good. I’ve used it before and would recommend it. Not the cheapest but it works well
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  • ThisIsWeird
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    Thanks both.
    (I wouldn't add sand or nuffink to it - I hate that gritty texture :smile: )
    It would be to repaint the well-attached render on a 1930's house, but which has the odd hairline crack that comes back through every couple of years. My usual Sandtex Smooth doesn't do much to obliterate the blemishes, paint 'steps', the odd bit of poorly applied filler. These are all minor - probably a fraction of a mm - but still show. I was hoping that a paint that would hold the slight ripple from a roller pile would even things out.
    I will examine the two options offered - thank you. :smile:
  • knightstyle
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    Artex is usually used on ceilings and will give a textured finish and cover hairline cracks.  It works well on walls as well.
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    ThisIsWeird said: It would be to repaint the well-attached render on a 1930's house, but which has the odd hairline crack that comes back through every couple of years.
    Sounds much like my render. You need to be careful about the choice of paint you slap on. Mine has a very hard cement base coat, but the final layer is (was) lime rich rough pebble finish. After <mumble><mumble> years of being painted with Sandtex type exterior paints, the top layer was blowing, cracking, and falling away in places. It should have been painted with limewash, not a modern plastic paint.
    But if you have already slapped plastic paints on, the damage will have been done.
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