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PCN issued by NPE Norwich

Hi All,

I have read the noob threads and so I'll try and keep this quick (I made a mistake and read an old thread which said to basically appeal and then do nothing and then read another that said this is outdated!).

So, I got a PCN from National Parking Enforcement at the Co-Op off Earlham Road in Norwich for being in a child parent space for a grand total of 4 minutes. My child wasn't feeling well when I pulled up and my partner was in the car so I ran in and got some essentials and left him in the car. Got a ticket for not being 'accompanied with a child out of the vehicle' which I was completely ignorant to. I get the rule and wouldn't park in these spaces if I didn't need to buy didn't think it would be a problem to run into the shop!

I appealed giving some bull that it tooke 4 minutes to read the sign and had a child in the car but they declined stating that they could see an item in my hand that I had bought from the shop. Didn't give my identity away....

Next steps are to find the land owner and ask them to get it cancelled (I think it's the co-op on site) and complain to my local MP. 

My question is - I was in violation of the rules so not really sure how I complain without coming across as an entitled brat and actually getting them to cancel it for me? 

Any help would be much appreciated!


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    They couldn't possibly win in court if you were genuinely only there for 4 minutes. In any case, the stipulation that you must be accompanied by the child out of the vehicle is likely not enforceable. I was issued two PCNs for the same supposed infringement at this location and they didn't bother trying to take me to court, although I suggested that they do so just so that they would waste their own time and money. For amusement I also thanked them for engaging my correspondence services and informed them that I charged £50 per letter. Weirdly they never wrote back. 
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    Next steps are to find the land owner and ask them to get it cancelled (I think it's the co-op on site)
    No chance. It isn't.

    On 21st February 2017 Bellgold Ltd, the former freeholder, divested itself of the freehold reversion in the building (but not the surrounding land, including a small Co-op supermarket and car parking area).

    Despite protests from local Councillors, the shops and customers nothing has been done to improve matters and according to all the newspaper reports about this cash cow site, Bellgold seem content to let NPE do what they want.  Loads of articles are about the parent & child spaces predatory 'scam'.

    You won't be paying.

    Just ignore NPE.

    Come back to this thread and reply if you get a LBC or court claim. To prepare, read and bookmark the 2nd post of the NEWBIES thread.

    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
    CLICK at the top of this/any page where it says:
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