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I'm aware PIP considers your daily  capabilities or in fact your incapabilitys rather than health diagnosis. I have provided a lot of evidence of my diagnosis's, what's the likelihood ill be required to attend an interview?   I also suffer from acute anxiety.


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    Pipcas said:
    I'm aware PIP considers your daily  capabilities or in fact your incapabilitys rather than health diagnosis. I have provided a lot of evidence of my diagnosis's, what's the likelihood ill be required to attend an interview?   I also suffer from acute anxiety.
    It's impossible for us to know... and there's too little information for a calculated guess.

    If this is a new application then there is a very high chance of some sort of assessment by phone or in person.

    If it is a review to see if your award level is correct then lower chance of such assessment but still high.

    There is a small possibility of a paper based assessment - an assessor simply gives their recommendation to the DWP after reviewing the paper evidence/previous assessment etc. 

    Very slim chance DWP Decision Maker will make a decision without any referral to their assessment company.

    The more good relevant (to the activities/descriptors) information and supporting evidence you provide the less likely they'll need to assess in person etc. 

    Focus on your relevant disablements to the PIP activities/descriptors providing examples of how you are affected in day to day life trying to perform the tasks and the help you get if any. Remember the importance of the reliability criteria for performing tasks. (CAB website great for guidance.) This is true at every stage of process including appeal if ever necessary.

    Unfortunately due to delays in the system people like you are being failed as no doubt the anxiety associated with the process and unknowns is a factor unappealing in terms of wellbeing. But in the end... with either a bit of luck or good advice and some determination claimants tend to end up with suitable award.
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    Prepare for either a face to face assessment or a telephone assessment, that way its a bonus that its assessed on paper, rather than hoping for a paler assessment and being anxious about the assessment. 

    Whilst you wait for a decision how about you take each activity and think about only that activity during the day,   For example on Monday note down how many times you stand and walk, it this isn’t an issue you’ll not you stood up so many times but if it is a problem not where you stood up from, bed, toilet, sofa, dinning chair, (if you take a call and sit on the stairs) then look at what was easier, arm chair etc…

    Next day dressing…

    Make a note and that way you’ll have reall life examples to help you with, if its a telephone assessment have these notes next to you.   Also take into account the general questions they will ask, like who do you live with, do you drive, do you work, who does the shopping…

    Above all the person on the end of the phone is just as human as you are, they get a bad rap but they are still a person. Stay claim, polite, take your time, if you dont understand ask for the question again, dont try and answer them the way you think they want you to.  If youve got notes uses them. 

    Good luck. 
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    Great advice from peteuk.

    I would also say that it is important not to underplay your difficulties. It is a natural instinct for many people to want to be seen as being capable and able. So during PIP assessments many will tend to downplay their difficulties and talk up their abilities!

    peteuk's advice about keeping a diary, and having it in front of you (whether or not it is a face-to-face assessment or telephone assessment) is great because it is an accurate record of what you can and cannot do. It's as important to be honest with yourself as it is to be honest with the assessor. 

    Their job is not to trip you up; it is to assess your capabilities correctly. The more help you can give them to do this the better. This means examples of what you can't do, and what proportion of the time you can't do things for yourself. This will really help them. Again, don't underplay how often you have problems.

    If you are turned down for PIP, read the decision letter carefully (ideally, ask a friend or family member who knows you well to also read it), and see if you can see mistakes that have been made in the assessment. If you can see mistakes have been made, ask for a mandatory reconsideration.
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    I agree with others expect a non-paper based one. Also personally I would ask for it to be recorded if you do have one.
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