PIP Assessment and Payments

Hi all,

Wondering if someone can help me.

In April 2021 I was awarded PIP, enhanced living rate with the standard mobility rate for a long term health condition and I am unable to get treatmemt on the NHS. My PIP covers the cost of my treatment that I get privately.

When the award letter came through it stated that I would be having an assessment in Novemeber 2023 but I have yet to recieve the paperwork and/or appointment details for this assessment. The letter also stated that my payments are awarded until April 2024 but nothing has been said as to what's going to happen after this date.

So if I haven't had an assessment, and from what I can see online there seems to be a big back log of claims assessments, will my payments continue until I do eventually get an assessment or will it automatically stop and I have to reapply? My condition is considered long term and for some it really is a life long disability. My treatment is still on going and without the PIP I cannot afford treatment, which in turn could cause my condition to get worse.

So do I need to do anything or do I just continue as usual and wait for PIP to contact me?

Many thanks for reading and any advise offered.


  • Torry_Quine
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    You will continue to get PIP until a new assessment. The date isn't exact. 
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  • Rubyroobs
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    They are way behind with re-assessing people but you do normally get sent the renewal form around six months before the end of award date.
  • Spoonie_Turtle
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    They have extended awards but without letting people know.  You could phone up if you haven't heard anything by March (such as having a review form) and are worried, but unless you hear otherwise it's most likely they've extended your award and they'll keep paying you.
  • Bigwheels1111
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    Just make notes about the call, time, date, their name etc.
    Use your mobile on speaker and record on another mobile.
    That what I do.
    Call and say no paperwork received etc, I worried it’s not arrived.
    When they reply you will have proof either way.
  • Muttleythefrog
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    They should extend award (by most likely a year) if getting to around a month before your award runs out during review and send out letter to confirm. If your review isn't completed and hmm there's around 3 weeks before your award runs out I would call them to ask whether extension being made if you've received no letter.
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  • smalandcute
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    Thanks everyone, I will give it until end of Feb to beginning of March to see if I hear anything from them and if not will make a call and record it.
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