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Hello, I am a 55yr old amputee and stroke survivor, my Dad is 88 and has extremely poor memory and my Mother, also in her eighties is at home in a special hospital bed unable to move.
We have been asked to complete a Financial Assessment by BCP council with regard to the 4 times a day carer visits. None of us are mentally equipped to do this. After my stroke I cant even read a novel.
They have about £140,000 in investments and nothing notable in savings.
The investments are basically working to keep the lights on and heating warm and help pay bills.
If the care money is taken from this £140000 "pot" and investments are radical reduced this, month by month, reduces the available cash in their bank account.
I'm sure you can see the problem here. BCP are not going to re-asses them every month even though their available cash is going down every month.
I tried to phone the Bournemouth C.A.B and got "this number is no longer in service".
We are completely at sea with this with no idea how to even fill out the form or even how to proceed (its taken me 45mins to write this post!)


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    You don’t mention any other income, presumably they are both receiving a state pension. Your mother should be entitled to attendance allowance so if she is not claiming that then that needs to be sorted.

    Their investments will be included in any financial assessment for the provision of care costs. Do you / they have any friends or relations who can assist with the financial assessment? 
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    Could your son assist you? Have you advised the council of your difficulties and asked to be directed somewhere that can help?

    There is an email address listed, you could write a short message requesting a phone call.

    I believe this organisation is local to you and worth asking for help with what you need, or to be signposted elsewhere:

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    The investments will count as assets. They will need to pay their own care fees until their capital (The property is disregarded if they are homeowners) each reduces to £23,250

    At that point, you let the local authority know that their assets have reduced and between that amount and 14250K they will pay part in the local authority will pay part. 

    Once the money gets down to 14250, the local authority will fully fund.

    That is for each person, so it will depend on whether the carers are for one of them or for both of them.

    Unless one of them falls under health funding, in which case care for that person is free. As the council have asked for a financial assessment. It appears that they are taking responsibility.

     Has your mother had a CHC health needs assessment?

    You need to get back onto the local authority and say they need help with completing the forms and ask for a home visit to do that.

    What is their capacity around their finances? And is there a power of attorney or deputyship place? If neither of them can manage their own money now, things could get quite complicated quite quickly.

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