ULYS Tag (France) anyone used it?

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Doing a week in France this Easter and was saw that they do a nice deal (Zero charge for unused months and only 2 euros for months used).

Has anyone used them before and am I right in thinking that they are a standard toll company who will charge the standard toll tariff and reclaim via direct debit?

Lastly has anyone had any experience with their tag as in placing it in a certain place in the windscreen?

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  • jimjames
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    I've not used but from an MSE point of view I decided not to use one of the tags when it costs more than just paying by contactless card
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    I see no benefit in using such a system.
    I travel widely in France and pay by credit card as it's easier and cheaper.
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     I have had toll tags for years as we go to France and do big drives every summer, and at the time our bank card wasn't accepted (Starling). We have a Bip and Go as was the cheapest we could find with a UK bank account.

    I love it, saves a lot of time in the summer from queuing for tolls (we have to drive via Vierzon which is always chocka) - and more importantly has saved our marriage as Dh could never get the car close enough so I'd always have to end up having to get out the car to pay at the machine.

    Ours is 1E70 a month it's used which is a v v small price to pay for our time/sanity. And the novelty of just being able to drive through the barriers (some at speed) has still not worn off in 9+ years!
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