Credit Card spend analysis (not 3rd party)

I was hoping that there might be someone out there that might be able to let me know whether there are any credit card companies that provide an analysis of spend by category during a date range (or last statement) or simply total spend / receipts since last statement.

We make regular payments to pay off part of my credit card balance during the month, and both our Halifax and Pulse credit cards only show the current balance, and not the total payments and receipts separately without having to wait for the statement at the end of the month (by that time it’s often too late and we’ve spent more than we should!)

We (my wife & I ) are trying to keep track of spend on a weekly basis, and being able to log in and see gross spend (before repayments) would really help us to quickly see whether we are on track against our budgeted spend.

I’ve seen 3rd party apps that can be downloaded and linked to the credit card accounts that will give us the info we need, however, we would prefer not to use a 3rd party app and see the info on the credit card company’s own app.

We have a good credit rating and pay off a good proportion of our credit card balance each month, therefore we don’t want to switch to a credit card that might have this functionality but charge a high interest on outstanding balances.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!



  • Mark_d
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    Openbanking is highly regulated and secure.  I have no hesitations using 3rd party apps.  I find these third party apps useful because they bring together my spending on three different credit cards along with spending that goes directly out of my current account.
    I've used different apps in the past but currently I use one called Snoop.  I certainly find it works well for me so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it
  • Desmond_Hume
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    I do this but not in the way I think you’re asking. 

    At the start of the month, I have a SO to send my monthly budget from my main account to my Monzo account.  The Monzo account is set into three budgets (entertainment, groceries, transport). 

    The majority of my spending during that month is on a credit card (probably 95%+).  Each time I make a purchase, I transfer the amount spent from my Monzo account to a completely separate “credit card
    bills” account. The transfer is then tagged with the appropriate category in Monzo and my CC bill is always ready to be paid. 

    The above allows me to see spend my category (have more of you want but being too granular doesn’t necessarily give more control) and ensure my CC bills are able to be paid, in full, every month. 
  • jbrassy
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    Most credit card companies let you download your transactions into Excel. You do that and do the analysis yourself.
  • 400ixl
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    My Halifax card app allows me to see all of the individual transaction (including pending and payments) so no reason yours shouldn't. They are under the recent tab (default) when you go into the card account. Doesn't categorise, but shows who the payment was to.

    Can't answer for Pulse as I don't use it.

    For categorisation trending / budget tracking etc you would likely need to use a 3rd party via open banking.
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