Other Business/ Individuals using my SumUp Card Machine

Hi All, 

Wondering how I handle this with my first ever tax return for the 23/24 period, does anyone have any advice, I haven't had much luck trying to find an answer online so far. 

For a weekend every year we have a big community art event this year we used my card machine to process all the card sales. The majority of these sales where not for me, they where for other artists in the group. Once the payment's came through I transfered the money straight away to the organiser who worked it all out and distributed it. 

Now that the platforms have to share the data I am wondering how I explain on my tax form that the money that came in wasn't mine, we just used my card machine. Each artist will be paying tax individually etc on those payments. 
(note I had sales at this event which I picked out and put in my big spreadsheet of sales)


  • JGB1955
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    You don't need to complete a 23/24 tax return until January 2025.....
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  • penners324
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    Don't include it or the fees. It's not your income
  • martindow
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    It would be wise to keep all of the records just in case.  We are all very unlikely to be chosen for a tax inspection, but if you were it would be important to be able to explain an apparently larger income stream than you have declared.  Your bank statements showing cash coming in and then immediately paid out should make clear what has happened.
    Personally I would let my friends know that I would not carry on with this in the future - possibly saying an accountant had advised against it.  Other people can set up card payments as you have and it will make your records much cleaner without being cluttered with friends' transactions.
  • GetEVN
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    JGB1955 said:
    You don't need to complete a 23/24 tax return until January 2025.....
    Just being super organised because it's my first ever :) 
  • DullGreyGuy
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    Are you using one of the devices that bluetooth to a mobile? 

    With Zettle and their mobile solution its the account on the software on the phone that matters and if the organiser wants to share your device then thats fine but they setup their own account and pair your device with their mobile and then your numbers aren't muddied but other people's cashflows. 
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