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Parking ticket did not print all of registration

Blossominsoller Posts: 1 Newbie
Hi, I parked in council car park The first two hours are free so had plenty of time. The only parking meter did not print all of registration missed off last letter Tried four times Thought about adding with pen but did not want to "deface" ticket Penalty notice issued £50 for incomplete registration Appeal thrown out Now £75 penalty Any suggestions out there please Why would I only print all but one letter ??????


  • Aylesbury_Duck
    Aylesbury_Duck Posts: 13,798
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    You're better off on the parking forum.  It isn't a consumer rights situation.

    I'd have thought that being a council process, you've either reached the end of the line or their process will describe any further appeal route available to you.  Does it say anything about that?
  • ArbitraryRandom
    ArbitraryRandom Posts: 2,339
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    I agree, parking tickets are a fairly technical legal process so the people on that sub-forum will be vastly better able to help. 

    I'll request the thread is moved now but I doubt it'll happen before Monday so you might want to make a new post. 

    Here's the relevant part of the forum: 

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  • LightFlare
    LightFlare Posts: 398
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    edited 7 January at 7:33AM
    If its a council one then PePiPoo or will be your best bet

    You will need to register with a none hotmail email and please read the newbies/sticky first about what info to post and include
  • knightstyle
    knightstyle Posts: 6,971
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    Just to point out this sometimes happens if you put a gap in the middle of the registration.  Some machines cannot cope with more than 7 digits.
  • GrubbyGirl_2
    GrubbyGirl_2 Posts: 671
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    edited 7 January at 9:24PM
    I think the council will struggle in court to prove what loss they suffered as you clearly paid for the parking.  It would be highly unlikely that you would have a ticket that belonged to someone else with an almost complete registration the same as yours parked there at the same time.  

    I'd tell them to take you court and you'll be seeking costs for your time defending the case
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