Credit card balance transfer for my spouse

Hi all,

I am looking to apply for a credit card to move my spouses balance on to a 0% deal. I just checked and HSBC clearly state the balance has to come from a credit card in your name, so I can’t apply for that one. But I can’t see any information like this on the likes of Tesco’s website. Does anyone have any experience of moving a balance from a card that wasn’t in their name? Especially if the new account was a Tesco Credit card?



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    No experience of Tesco recently (maybe 20 years back) but I do move things between M&S and Santander (in my name) and MBNA (OH's).  I've not checked the T&Cs for any specifics but have never had it questioned no matter which direction the money was moving. 

    And of course the question that has to be asked is "do you trust your spouse?"  Most of us do and happily mingle our finances but obviously if you clear their card then you are the one with the debt not them.  There's nothing to stop them running up another debt or simply waltzing out the door.  (stating the obvious, obviously)
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    Any reason Spouse can't get one?

    As above, if card is in your name, then it's your debt.
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  • fatbelly
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    There's another thread where it appears that NatWest and Barclaycard will allow transfers between other people's accounts.
  • MrFrugalFever
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    Failing this a Money Transfer card is useful in this situation.

    Why would your spouse not be able to get a BT card offer themselves?
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    I have never transferred a balance where they asked for anything except the card number. I assume there is a term that applies that I ticked a box to say I read saying it was my own card but unless you told them it was someone else's card, I can't see how HSBC would ever know? All they are doing is sending £X to card 1234 5678 9012 3456 - so long as you don't mind taking over the debt should your spouse leave or die (hopefully neither!) then it's unlikely to ever be an issue - indeed, I imagine almost all firms will say your BT must be your own card
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    It's fairly common term but pre-OpenBanking it was pretty much unenforceable. 

    Since OpenBanking its much easier to check details like who an account holder is etc... certainly Virgin will down decline BTs if the names don't match even if you click the button to say it is your card you are transferring from. MBNA still allow cross name transfers. 
  • horsewithnoname
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    I’ve done it lots, always on line and never been questioned about. Not even the same surname as me. 
    Obviously you need to check that the cards aren’t owned by the same bank, but other than that I’ve done it with various cards without any trouble. 
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    Halifax definitely allow it, but you'll have to open the card in your name, and then get an additional card in OH's name. Off the top of my head I don't know what deals they have on, but my repeated offers as an existing card holder are 6.9% for however long, with no fee.... Which makes it a great mule card to then move on to another balance transfer card.

    Looking winded, but definitely possible in the T&Cs. As per above posts, others usually say in the T&Cs it's not possible, but then it actually is. I'm very boring so like to keep it all 'legit' 🤣
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