New Velux Condensation

The roof is a year old, 1960s 3 bedroom semi. I've redone the loft insulation as I thought that would stop condensation but it hasn't. There's condensation on the wooden bits that go on top of the beams also - gable side and Velux side but 3rd side is bone dry.
There's a gap just above the top edge of the Velux, where there's also condensation - is the gap normal?
What else can I do to get rid of it? There are 2 tile vents on each side (near eaves) and multiple soffit vents.The Velux moisture is so bad that I've had to put a tarpaulin under it to catch droplets. The Velux window picture below shows the gap and grey material - if you magnify picture, you can just about see droplets of moisture there also. 2nd picture is of the wooden bits that go onto beams - they're all wet to touch bar one full (out of 3) sides 
Hope someone can help 


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    I'm no expert, but to me it looks as though there are lots of gaps between the insulation. Condensation forms when damp warm air comes into contact with cold surfaces. Do you have lots of spot lights in the ceiling below the loft? Is there an extractor venting from a bathroom that the steam is leaking from? Trying to think of ways that warm air is entering your loft.

    Why is there even a Velux in the roof?

    ETA what is that hole on the far left of the picture?
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    I think the hole is the indent of a marley tile. The Velux was in case I decided to turn attic into a bedroom. There are about 3 layers of insulation so definitely no gaps. It looks like there are gaps because I threw the left over pieces on top. It's a conundrum. The hatch also has insulation and I velcroed silver insulation roll on the ceiling side. Bathroom has an extractor fan through bathroom wall to outside. No spot lights, still old style lighting/wiring. Velux has trickle vent thing, which is kept open. It cost a lot to get installed so want it to last. 
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    p.s. the timber on the 'floor' is a lank of wood over joists, to allow me to walk over them (joists).
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