British Gas - any advice?

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I'm hoping someone might be able to help as I'm at my wits end.

We've just bought a house and moved just before Christmas (18.12).  We were already with British Gas and wanted to bring them with us as I believe we're still in contract.  Contacted them on the 18th and arranged to connect us on 28th.

The house is currently on meters, so we were just topping up in the meantime with Octopus energy as the card etc were left by the previous owners.

28th comes and goes, couldn't top up gas with the new BG gas card, but still could on the old card, so did that.

Roll on to today, multiple daily calls later (partner has been doing it, as account is in his name) and we're still not connected and can no longer top up with the old Octopus energy card. We're in our emergency gas, and have £0.84 pence left on the emergency electricity credit.

Each call has resulted in different things being said.  We were told the day before yesterday that it was marked as urgent as we're on the priority list as I have Muscular Dystrophy.  When we rang yesterday, there wasn't anything on the system to show that we'd even called!

Were advised last night to wait until it runs out and then call the emergency line and they'll get an engineer out.  In the meantime, they'd mark it as an emergency (again).

Another hour on the phone to them today and now told a different story, that they're changing their systems and one system says we have a smart meter, but the other doesn't.  Cannot top up over the phone either.  Waiting for a call back and you guessed it, its been marked as an emergency once again.

I just don't know what to do.  Neither of us have friends or family that we can stay with until its sorted and I rely on the gas and electricity for my pain therapy.  

Can anyone advise, or had similar experience?


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    gosh, you can't just take your old supplier to a new house, you need to contact the supplier at new house register with them and give meter readings, then you can move to whoever you want.
    You should never use card from previous owners, as you might be paying any debt that they have left.
  • Kabazzzz
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    Oh yes, sorry I should have been more clear.

    Meter readings etc were all done, on the 28th and also on the day we moved in.  The card they left behind had a number to contact when we moved in, which we did. They then set up an account for us, so that we could pay for it.  We paid the debt on the meter, but can claim that back. 

    That's not really the issue here, the issue is that,  we're about to lose all heating and lighting, means to cook etc. I'm on priority because of my illness and we've been advised to sit in the cold and dark until they can sort it out.

    Their systems are saying that we aren't on a meter, so we cannot top up.  Despite the fact that they've sent us top up cards.

    For something so simple, it's been made an absolute nightmare.  
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    Have you raised a formal complaint? Its the only department that I've ever gotten any sense out of.
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    Seems complaints are only open Monday to Friday.

    Have you tried    Live Chat  or the emergency phone line

    I found chat helpful but you have to tell them what you need done.  so tell them you need a supply available NOW.

    Don't be fobbed off with promises,  You need someone to take action today.

    Keep it calm and polite but firm.
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    We have this morning @Ksw3.  The guy on Friday, said that we wouldn't get cut off and not to worry, we didn't get cut off so we thought everything would be fine. 

    @sheramber it was the chat we used on Friday as our call back never materialised.  It was helpful but it turned out to be that advisor who said we wouldn't get cut off (I'm assuming they were referring to the fact that you won't get cut off on weekends or evenings, but they should really have made that clear, especially as we asked that question).

    But, we were cut off this morning, so that's good.  I'm sitting here,  under a blanket,  freezing cold as it's -1 outside, waiting for an engineer.  I've been given a 3 hour window, not 2 hour as previously advised.

    My partner, whose account it's in, had left for work before it all went off.  I rang British Gas who said that they couldn't speak to me as it wasn't my account (I'm well aware of GDPR), but calmly explained that we need an engineer and that we're on the priority list. The lady was actually very helpful and manually sorted a request, as their booking system wasn't allowing her to enter a request.

    Also means my work has been affected as I work from home.  The whole thing has been an absolute shambles.
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