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    I would love to go to court to set a precedent that car charging is not parking because as far as I know no such precedent has been set. This would make life much easier for electric car drivers... and in the future that will mean all drivers. I'm not a lawyer, but it doesn't seem too hard.

    So, I'm just wondering if you all have some advice or guidance, or thoughts about this?

    As already advised, precedents cannot be set in the lower courts. An appeal decision in the County Court, or in the Appeal Court is persuasive, but only if the judge is suitably persuaded. You would need to win a case in a court higher than the Appeal Court to set any kind of precedent.

    I would suggest that such a persuasive appeal case already exists; that of Laura Jopson v Homeguard Services. Here the judge defined parking as opposed to loading and unloading, or attending to a vicissitude of some short duration. I would suggest that re-fuelling is a vicissitude of some short duration and can be argued that it is not parking.
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  • Thanks Fruitcake, that's exactly the type of thing I'm looking for.

    As for precedent, it's fine if it's only set if one of the parking companies appeals.

    I'm emailing Telsa today, to see if they'll give me any information about their contracts with the hotel owners. If their contract gives them exclusive financial interest in the land they are renting it's game over for the parking companies.
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    If this goes to court the witness to the will may be useful, are they still alive?
    Is this response on the right thread?
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