DIY repair to blistered laminate worktop

Someone put a hot pan on it kitchen top and the surface blistered/burnt a little. It's there any DIY repair that a reasonable DIYer could undertake?
The burst blister is about 10mm across.

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  • FreeBear
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    You might get away with using Colorfill, but the mark will always be visible.
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  • tacpot12
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    I've never had much success with Colorfill but it is your best option. I would carefully sand down brown areas with a coarse sandpaper; this is to give the Colorfill a key as much as it is to remove the damage, and then fill with White Colorfill. If this takes hold (and I would wait a few weeks to check it does), you might consider buying some mid-grey Colorfill and using a small paintbrush to recreate some of the random dots. You might need to use a range of small drills to make some depressions in the repaired area where you can add the grey Colorfill. 
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  • daveyjp
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    There are companies out there that will remove the damaged section, refill and paint to match existing.  
  • grumbler
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    tacpot12 said:
    I would carefully sand down brown areas with a coarse sandpaper;
    Sandpaper will damage surrounding laminate. IMO it's better to use a sharp blade.

  • Alderbank
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    The little Stanley RB5 with a new blade will probably do the best job. 

    Overfill slightly with Colorfill to seal against water ingress and plane smooth when set.

    Finally, buy a nice trivet.
  • skycatcher
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    Thanks for all the suggestions....I will give them all due consideration!
  • moneysaver1978
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    Depending where the marks are, it might be easier and cheaper to cover it with a big nice chopping board.
  • Silvertabby
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    Depending where the marks are, it might be easier and cheaper to cover it with a big nice chopping board.
    This.  But seal the hole first, as any wet spills will cause the mdf base to swell.

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  • cpbackhouse
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    edited 2 January at 1:35PM
    We had someone do something similar to our old worktop .... when it was about a month old!

    We did similar to what has been mentioned above and went with the option of a stainless steel worktop protector type thing to hide it a bit like this one

    As we had a stainless hob it looked okay next to it, after a while even we forgot we were hiding something with it.
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