Shop Charity Store in '24!

A shiny thread for chazzer shopping in 2024 - and remember,  if you're 'fashion on the ration' then it's 'coupon-free'.

If you want to save the planet, boost a cause or stretch your money - come post your finds on here, be they fabulous or funny.
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  • swingaloo said:
    I work in a charity shop and you would not believe how many customers buy for the sake of buying because we are cheap. We have dozens of regulars, some come every day and they will pass comment that they cant leave without buying something. 
    The there are those who bring in a donation and say 'I will just have a quick look round while I am here' and leave with almost as much as they brought in. 
    Some come in and say 'I need my fix, I hate it when you are closed'. It does become an obsession for some.
    It is addictive but ultimately unless it gets worn out, it's all going to end up given away / donated back to charity. Nothing is permanent, I see it as a way of renting....and would rather go with something pre-loved than drive the demand for new.
    No man is worth crawling on this earth.

    So much to read, so little time.
  • @florianatwobob thanks, it was a bird -and- a plane ;)
    But not Superman! 😉
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