0% Balance Transfer and 0% Spending needed - How to keep stoozing

Hi all,

I have a Barclays Platinum Credit card - with £3700 - 0% spending offer due to expires on 1st February 2024

Only NatWest offers 0% Balance transfer, it is a no brainer to apply for that.
However, NatWest only offers 0% spending for 3 months on the same credit card.

Could I apply for the NatWest 0% Balance transfer credit card and apply for a long term 0% spending credit card in 3 months? Could that work? Or shall I apply for two credit cards now?

How would you deal with this issue if you aim to continue stoozing?

Many thanks


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    If you apply for 2 cards I would think you will almost certainly get the second application refused.  You would be looking too desperate. 

    Whether the first application will be successful or not will be down to how much other credit you have versus how much income.  If it's just the Barclaycard with whatever the credit limit might be and you have no loans, mortgage, phone contracts, monthly car insurance and earn mega bucks well then it should be fine.  But if you have the Bcard, a car loan or PCP, remortgaged recently, and pay monthly for your phone and insurance and earn £20k then you might struggle.

    Is there a reason you NEED to continue at 0%?  I get wanting to so as to have cheap credit but if it's a necessity then I think you should pop over to the debt free forum and look at filling out a statement of accounts (top sticky) to see what budgeting help can be provided.  
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  • Thanks for your comment.

    I would like to keep stoozing and my savings invested. I could pay off my credit card right now and there is no other credit/loan on my name.

    It should be fine for me getting the NatWest 0% Balance transfer credit card. How to get 0% spending credit card after that?

    My question was more focused on how to continue stoozing in the current climate.
  • Volcane
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    Earlier in 2023 I applied for both NatWest and RBS cards ( same banking group ). Took the 0% balance transfer on NatWest and 0% purchases card on RBS. I got the same £7400 credit limits too. Both have eligibility checkers so may be worth a shot doing the same.
    Best Regards,

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