Gaming pc

Hi looking for advice about buying a prebuilt gaming pc
budget is 1000-1400 pounds
i love visuals and graphics and like playing fps games and also 3rd person shooters
i have a 4K gaming monitor
any advice on graphics cards etc that can display 4K and high fps would be appreciated


  • born_again
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    TBH, would be far better asking on the dedicated gaming forums, for the best advice.
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  • forgotmyname
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    You like playing what games??   Massive gap in performance required with some games compared to other seemingly
    similar games.

    Same with a 4k monitor, £180 or £980 or more?  What monitor? What spec?

    Define high FPS?    I had an old GTX750Ti that could 4k at more than 90FPS  Playing GTA5...

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  • Neil_Jones
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    I think FPS is First Person Shooters, something like Halo or Call of Duty,,,

  • Vik91
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    I have a Samsung odessey g7 monitor
    i played robocop on ps5 and was disappointed in the graphics
    I enjoyed cod and halo
    just looking for a more enhanced visual experience 

  • facade
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    I suspect that a £1400 gaming pc won't out perform a PS5 graphically tbh.

    You will need to be putting £1000+ into just the GPU.  

    You could approximately equal a PS5 for less, but there isn't a great deal of point if you are playing on a PS5 already.

    As suggested, ask on the gaming forums for recommended builds, tell them you are after an enhanced graphical experience compared to a PS5.

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  • Neil49
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    You could start by taking a look at and websites.

    They do prebuilt systems but will modify them as required. 
  • IvanOpinion
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    Be careful on some of those dedicated forums, they can be very effective at spending other peoples money.

    I rarely give advice on computers these days. People used to ask me what computer would suit, so I listened carefully to their requirements and suggested something that would more than suit the purpose and budget. Weeks later they would show me the computer they had just bought which could be as much as 2 to 3 times the price of the model I suggested. Why? Because someone on a forum told them it was a 'better computer'.
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  • forgotmyname
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    G7 is coming up as a 1440P monitor not 4k?

    Not played Robocop but on the PS5 in quality mode it seems to only get 30FPS. 60FPS in performance mode.
    A fairly basic gaming PC should easily beat those figures.

    PC specs show a R5 2600 and a GTX1650 video card as being suitable. Hardly demanding. But for 4k they
    obviously tell you that you need a 4080/4090.   I have a 3080ti and it was most of your budget add in the 3950X
    and 64GB RAM and your budget is blown well out of the water.

    Do you need that, probably not but it depends if your building for now or future proof.

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  • For your budget between 1000-1400 pounds you would want to go for a gaming rig with a good GPU. These graphics cards, like NVIDIA RTX 3060 and AMD RX 6700 XT can run and display 4K gaming with decent FPS.

    Look into prebuilt PCs with these GPUs, and ensure there is enough RAM (16GB would be good enough). Beware of the CPU (at least an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5).

    Brands like ASUS, MSI, and Alienware have prebuilds that are good. Also, it is important to look at customer reviews to know how your product is doing. Stay safe and your visuals as sharp as your aim!
  • RumRat
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    These guys are pretty good PCSPECIALIST - Game Based PCs - PCs by Game 
    This forum is definitely not the best place to ask about gaming PC's etc.
    The only advice I would give is go X-box or PS5.....Great graphics.
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