Enduring Power of Attorney - Certified Copies

I have registered my father’s Enduring Power of Attorney with the OPG.  As this relates to an EPA, not an LPA, and was therefore registered after 1/1/16, the option of using an activation code as proof of having the POA is not available.


I have looked on the gov.uk website which indicates that JobCentres can certify copies of the EPA which I’ve now had done.  However, the three banks I’ve sent these certified copies to have refused to accept them and insist on them being certified by a solicitor (which obviously incurs a cost).  Has anyone found a way round this?


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    the cost really shouldn't be that high, and it is worth it - if the original gets lost you are completely stuffed. Banks do tend to struggle with the EPA as they were last produced in 2007. This means it is quite unusual still to be using one, but it is NOT unknown and it is perfectly valid.

    Get a couple of certified copies, stash the original somewhere very safe and go back to the banks.
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    The simplest thing is to take the form into a branch of each bank and get someone within the bank to copy, certify and send it to the department that requires it, cc'ing you in as proof that it's been done.  On the plus side it would be free.  On the down side it may be difficult to find a branch local to you.  It might be that you have to consider "related" banks - so if you need to send something to RBS try at NatWest etc.  

    An alternative is to post the original to the banks and stating that you need it returned by registered post.  We used to get these on an almost daily basis where I worked.  

    Second alternative is to raise a complaint with each bank including a copy/link of the gov.uk website to show that they should accept the JobCentre certification.  

    My experience with this is somewhat dated (15 years?) but I when I was dealing with this there was a lot of confusion within our department about what could and couldn't be accepted and how to handle it all and I ended up writing the process document to clarify the whats and hows.   
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  • I'm having the same problem? Job centre will, only do copies for a government department not for bills insurance company etc, some companies won t accept  electronic copies by e-mail ! Why is everything so hard? My bank won t help either. Looks like I've gotta pay solicitor? more expense. 
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