How do I contact someone high up in Expedia

I booked a hotel but got the dates wrong. As soon as I booked I requested to cancel, as it was a pay-in-advance and I only received 10% of the booking as refund. The booking was close to £2000, I contacted Expedia and they told me that if the hotel agreed they would refund the full amount. They then told me they couldn't contact the hotel and therefore I would lose the money. I contacted the hotel directly and they agreed to refund the full amount but needed Expedia to authorise the refund by email or by contacting them directly. I have now contacted Expedia 4 times and it always ends the same way with the same auto-generated reply. Who can help me, I want to get this escalated so that someone senior can break the procedure and contact the hotel!! I can't afford to lose 2 grand.

"We wanted to follow up after our last conversation, where you asked us to reach out to your property to see if refunding your cancellation fee was possible.

We've contacted Sofitel Munich Bayerpost to see if they could make an exception and grant a refund.

Unfortunately, after multiple tries, we weren't able to obtain an approval from the property manager to waive the cancellation fee. This means the current rules and restrictions for your booking apply and a refund can't be granted.

We're really sorry about this; we always try to contact suppliers and advocate for our travelers in these situations. Properties often have strict policies around refunds, and there's nothing more we can do in this case.

Again, we're sorry that a refund wasn't possible. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us."


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    If it’s just a question of the dates, can you not arrange to have the dates moved to the ones that you do want instead?
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    What do you have in writing?
    It's a long winded way to do it but I found sending a paper letter to be the most efficient way of getting a problem resolved. Especially now they have so few.
    It also keeps the 'he said, she said' to be absoloutely certain.
    It's so easy to fob people off with phone calls and emails with the hope (often justified) that they will give up and it's easy for them to do while increasingly frustrating for you.

    So if you state that you are making this a formal complaint, that the hotel will refund (can you get that in writing to send a copy) and would they please ensure that they return payment from the hotel so you can book again and make any replies in writing as you require evidence (no need to say what for) if they refuse to return the money - that should make more of an impression.

    But it's not quick.
    And the whole set up makes life easy for them and darn difficult for the customer if there are problems.

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