0% promotional period expiry date for Tesco Credit Card

I did a 0% interest money transfer from my Tesco CC in Jan 23. 
I didn’t make note of how long the promotional rate applies. I looked back to the statement that included the transfer, and my latest statement neither states when the promotional rate ends. 

Am I missing something? 
I looked both on the app and via the website. Do I really have to phone them up to ask? 

I’ve done balance transfers with Nationwide in the past and the expiry dates are clearly set out on each monthly statement. I don’t see why Tesco can’t be equally as helpful. 


  • You aren't missing anything! For reasons only known to Tesco, they don't put the promotion end dates on the statements (unlike most of the other banks).
  • cannugec5 said:
    Do I really have to phone them up to ask?

    Agreed, it's a bit of a pain that it's not printed on the statements.  Having said that, I've always found Tesco Customer Services to be really helpful, and you're not kept waiting on hold for hours (or maybe I've just been lucky whenever I've needed to phone them !)

  • Nasqueron
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    I find it's a bit hit and miss, the BarclayCard ones are easy as they're on the first page and each transfer has the current balance and end date, M&S who seem to do it via Barclays, don't have the dates unless I missed something obvious, but you can see it easily in the app.

    Natwest has the promotional rate end date at the bottom but weirdly it classes the fee as a payment and doesn't have an end date shown for that, though I assume it will be the same. Santander and Halifax have it at the bottom too

    What annoys me is Halifax and M&S both require you to download statements as PDFs while Santander, Barclays can open in the app
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    edited 19 December 2023 at 2:42PM
    They will put it on the statement just before expiry and I believe you will also get e-mail notification but only once.

    Official statement on the Tesco community
    We'll provide a reminder at the top of your statement two months prior to the expiry date. If you're registered for Online Banking, you'll also receive an email reminder 21 days before it expires. If not, you'll receive a letter 21 days before.

    Something that the useless regulator could easily enforce but for some obscure reason does not.

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    I recently just paid off my Tesco credit card before the 0% offer expires - mine was 23 months.

    As others have said, it is very annoying that the end date is a mystery on the account/statements.

    But to be fair to them, I did get an email at the start that shows it:

    "Welcome and thanks for taking out a credit card with us.
    With your new card you'll get 0% interest on purchases for 23 months from the day your account was opened."

    And also an email around 3 months before the end:

    "We're getting in touch because your 0% rate on purchases will end in January - this is a quick reminder to help you plan ahead.

    From 21 January 2024, interest on this balance will be charged at your standard rate"
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  • Nasqueron
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    I am still waiting for the first statement, despite the transfer being done early in the month. I have just adjusted the payment plan on my budget to ensure it's done in 22 months even if this first month is not taken - I am just mildly annoyed to not know when the DD will be taken to plan for that so based it on the first of the month and the fact I can't change the DD in the app but have to do it on the site
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