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Mis-sold on a house

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Hi, new here, but I've ran out of ideas as to what to do next!

It's a pretty long story, but we were sold a house 4 years ago whereby the seller didn't disclose any information about an infestation in the property (rats) and an ongoing dispute with the neighbours about it.

Having a young family, it meant having to move out and we ended up doing a full refurbishment on the property over a 3 year period (whilst renting) in a attempt to deal with the issues. Not every bit of work was connected, but there were thing's we had to do to deal with the problem such as replacing the roof, building works on the garage, etc.

I've written up a timeline of events, but it's been 4 years of hell, and now that we've finally sold the property, the money we sold for wasn't enough to cover all the debts we accumulated and now we've been wiped out financially.

There has also been a huge effect on our health and wellbeing, for example my partner now has nightmares about rats getting into the bedroom, and the financial pressures are causing many disagreements.

I spoke to a solicitor but was just told there's nothing that can be done, but I find it hard to accept we don't have some kind of legal rights when the seller clearly done everything in their power to cover up the issues and didn't declare anything during the sale.

Has anyone had a similar issue or are there any property mis selling experts within Martins' team?



  • Did you, or you solicitor ask about infestations?  If you did and you have evidence that the seller lied, then you can potentially take actions.

    If not, then your solicitor is right.

    Martin didn't really have experts in his team, even when he worked here.
  • Emmia
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    edited 18 December 2023 at 1:25PM
    Did you have a full survey that may have identified the structural issues / infestations?

    Property is very much a 'buyer beware' transaction, I really doubt you've got any claim, plus was a 'full refurbishment' actually necessary to remove the rats?
  • If this is in England it really is buyer beware. A full survey should have discovered rat infestations and any major works that were required.

    Perhaps you can add the details of what surveys you had done and what they said 4 years ago.
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  • user1977
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    Can you elaborate on the basis for your solicitor’s advice?
  • Albermarle
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    or are there any property mis selling experts within Martins' team?

    This forum is only indirectly linked to MSE. It is an open internet forum and anybody can post.

  • m0bov
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    Can you prove the seller knew they had rats? Most of us live near them, a survey should have flagged up damage done by them.

    Afraid it was your choice to move and make a loss.
  • TheJP
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    All i can say is. Move. On! You have no case nor entitlement for compensation. I cant see how any of what you say is connected just an unfortunate series of events. Welcome to home ownership.
  • cymruchris
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    As above - the time to establish problems is prior to purchase with a full survey. Not everyone has one, and as a result a chance is taken that the property is ok. If you did have a survey - what did it bring back? If it missed obvious rat damage that was clearly present, then you might have some comeback on the surveyors - but it would have been something you'd have raised at the beginning when you spotted the problem rather than 3 years down the line after you'd ripped the house apart and renovated it.
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  • ThisIsWeird
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    The neighbourly dispute should, surely, have been declared in the SIP? That's a specific Q.
    And, once the 'dispute' was acknowledged, the reason for it should also have been made equally clear.
    That's the 'good' news, as I understand it. Actionable after all this time? No idea.
    And - really? - the rats infested and wrecked the house to the point it required a major renovation?
    I understand - from an actual case which has set the precedent - that a seller must, legally, disclose anything that could 'materially affect the property's value'.
    Good luck...

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