Someone else is using my home address

I keep getting letters from bailiffs chasing someone who is racking up debts on my property.  How do I prevent this from happening again? Is there a company who can help? This person has never been registered at my address. It's getting worrisome as I don'twantmy credit rating to be affected.. Thank you.


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    They won't be racking up debts on your property. They may be using your address.

    Mark any envelopes ' Not at this address. Return to sender' and put back in the post.

    It's always worth doing a check on your credit files once a year. Statutory reports are free. You should find all looks normal.
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    Your credit won’t be affected. It’s based on the person not the address, and it’s based on your specific credit history, not the random scores that the agencies put up online.
    The letters are probably from debt collectors rather than bailiffs. Either bin them or return to sender. They are nothing to worry about.
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  • I would contact action fraud , I had this they were using my name after I moved out of a property I had redirected mail & was getting all the bills. 50 accounts with catalogues with variations of my name. I was on first name terms with fraud dept & police, went on for over a year she eventually tried to burn the house down. ( sold it to housing association) Not sure if she went to prison. But fraud stopped.
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    I wouldn't recommend opening the letters to find out who they are from. Just return them.

    If you are familiar with the debt world you would be able to tell from the return details whether this is a normal creditor, or a collector, or a buyer, or bailiffs/court. But it doesn't matter because the person they are writing to, isn't you.
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    On the off chance that someone does come round to ask for "Bob" who's using your address make sure you do not let them in the house.  Just tell them that "Bob" doesn't live there and never has.  Tell that you are not "Bob" and that there is no one else in the house called "Bob".  You don't need to show them any ID as you are not the person they are looking for but you might find doing so stops them from pestering.  I suggest that you have your phone to hand so you can film the encounter on the off chance they decide to get aggressive.  Filming them should put them off that tactic quite quickly.   
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  • This happened to me. It was a Water company (in a different area) that sent the bills to someone that had never lived at the house. After 3 years of returning to sender I finally opened the letter and called the sender. Not had once since then.
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