Faulty car part - who covers labour cost?

Hi All
I need some help, I got flywheel, clutch replaced on my car. I bought flywheel from gsf car parts and clutch directly from dealer.
5 months later, flywheel started to make boise so took car back to the garage and they said flywheel is gone.
so I paid quiet a bit again in labour so they can remove the flywheel and I took it back to GSF car parts for a warranty claim as it was under warranty.
they advised they will need to send this away and it can take 8-12 weeks if my claim woll be accepted. Anyways, literally next day they said come and take your refund

now I have an issue, It has cost me all over again, £180 for a new clutch as flywheel damaged the old clutch
£350 for new flywheel (this will be refunded) 
£450 labour

so its left me £630 out of pocket
im going to gsf car parts tomorrow to collect my refund but I want to discuss who covers the labour cost as it wasnt my fault…

below is what i found in consumer rights.. are they liable to pay for labour and replacement clutch.

i bought the parts myself and provided them to the garage initially

please advise

It's in Section 23 of The Consumer Rights Act:
(2) If the consumer requires the trader to repair or replace the goods, the trader must—
(a) do so within a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to the consumer, and
(b) bear any necessary costs incurred in doing so (including in particular the cost of any labour, materials or postage


  • fine27
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    By the looks of it because the garage didnt provide parts so labour isn’t covered. Please confirm though

    if lets just sah labour isn’t covered. Should they cover cost for the other part which went faulty? In this instance clutch because of the flywheel. It wasn’t bought through them but directly from dealer?
  • mluton
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    "I bought the parts myself and provided them to the garage initially" Don't do this for this reason.
  • Grumpy_chap
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    If you took the car to one garage who supplied and fitted all the parts, then that garage would be liable for the labour to exchange the faulty part plus, in my opinion, the cost of the other part also degraded by the faulty part.

    That did not happen and it is, therefore, down to the OP to pay the garage for the second labour charge and the cost of the clutch which was degraded by the faulty flywheel.

    This is then a question of whether the auto-mart that supplied the flywheel is liable for the cost of fitting and the degradation of the clutch.
    Can the OP clarify whether they had a refund of the original cost of the flywheel?
    OR did the auto-mart replace the flywheel?
    The strict reading of the extract shared would seem to be restricted to the original supplier repairing or replacing the part.  It may not cover a refund of the part.
  • forgotmyname
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    I agree you supplied faulty parts so the costs will be down to yourself.  GSF did not supply the parts directly to the garage so they
    have no comeback on that front.

    Adding more salt to the wound, the garage could probably get the same part for less anyway unless you have a family worker at GSF
    who gets a large discount.

    If the garage cannot get the parts cheaper then its probably an unknown brand part they would not purchase due to warranty claims
    costing them money.

    Autoparts stores often excludes remedial costs because they are geared towards the home mechanic where its only time
    and not labour to cover.  Can threat you treat you as a reseller/drop shipper?

    Don't supply parts to garages use the prices to haggle on the final price and do that before you finally book the car in
    not afterwards.  Had a garage quote me almost £300 for some brake work, I gave them a full cost breakdown I was just
    too busy to do it myself and he called me back knocking almost £70 off the price.

    Only supply parts if your getting friends rates or virtually free labour.

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