Broken Engagement ring, where do I stand with jewellers?

I'm hoping someone may have an idea as I'm at a loss now with where I stand. 

Here is the background information:

I got engaged in June 2022, at the time the ring was given to me it was a little too big for my finger. 

We had the ring resized by an independent jewellers who were custom making mine and my husbands wedding bands, this was back in September 2022. 

In October this year I noticed one of the claws that was holding the central diamond in was damaged and had spilt down the middle, the claw looked like it was going to snap so subsequently I took the ring off and we sent it back to the place it was purchased from for repair. 

We received the ring back a couple of weeks later and all seemed fine. not even 5 weeks later a second claw for the central diamond had broken off, unfortunately this time the central diamond had fallen out and lost. 

Again, we sent the ring back from where it was purchased from, very upset that we'd had another break in such a small amount of time. 

They've come back saying the ring isn't repairable (but haven' specified why) and they're now trying to place blame on the company who resized the ring 15 months ago. Unfortunately by having the ring resized by a 3rd party we lost our warranty on the ring, which is slightly irrelevant as the warranty didn't cover damage to the claws as this is classed as 'wear and tear'. Their warranty only covers 'manufacturing issues'. I understand rings are not indestructible, however I'd only had the ring back a few weeks before a second break occurred, and would argue that a second break in such a short time frame must mean there's an issue with how the ring has been made. The company we purchased the ring from are taking no responsibility (as expected) for this, they've told us to claim on the home insurance for a new ring. 

Does anyone have any ideas what I should do going forward?


  • DullGreyGuy
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    The item is over 6 months old and so it's up to you to prove that there is an issue with it rather than say you keep catching the claws on something. This would normally be done by commission a report, the cost of which can be added to your claim if it is successful. 

    Without knowing the materials, the design or how/when you wear it (and even with those things to be honest) its going to pure speculation as to if its a manufacturing or use issue. 
  • TELLIT01
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    Claws can get caught on items of clothing.  The fact that the claw was on the same ring doesn't mean there is a manufacturing fault.  The most likely cause probably is damage to that claw during the previous repair.  However, there is no way to prove that so I think you will be fighting a losing battle by pursuing that route.  Simplest route, however annoying, is to claim on your insurance.
  • Emmia
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    edited 11 December 2023 at 3:59PM
    Claw settings can often be too small/weak for the stones they hold - because people like to see the big shiny stone, not the metal holding it in the ring.

    When it's an engagement ring, worn daily and with the knocks it takes in wear, it's probably slightly inevitable that this happens...

    That's not much comfort though. If you're getting a new ring, I'd look at other more robust setting arrangements.

  • Sounds like a contents insurance claim would be appropriate, if it's covered.
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