Car insurance including driving other cars

Hi. I've used the comparison site to search for car insurance and I found 2 company's offering cheap insurance however when I looked at the reviews it said that you weren't insured to drive anyone else's car. I occasionally drive my son's & partners car so I need this cover. Anyone been in this situation and found a cheap insurance company? 


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    You'd only (and have been) driving third party on other cars  - best to be added as a named driver on the other cars
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    Driving other cars cover isn't typically one of the details that price comparison sites include, so I don't think there's an easy way to to find it beyond checking different policies individually.

    Some insurers offer it, some don't and some offer it to customers who meet certain criteria but not other customers - so the fact that someone on a review sure doesn't have it doesn't mean that nobody with that insurer has it (and vice versa). So if it's important to you, you need to check your own policy documents when you buy.

    If you are looking at the cheapest policies these will, all else being equal, have less cover than slightly more expensive ones, so it's not surprising if the insurer has stripped out things like driving other cars to get the premium as low as possible.

    There is a good chance anyway that you would be better off being added to your partner's and son's policies as a named driver, rather than using driving other cars cover. Unless you have a lot of claims or convictions you will probably find that it makes a negligible difference to their premiums, or even reduces them, and it would mean that any damage that was caused to their cars while you were driving would be covered - driving other cars cover will be third party only unless you have a seriously expensive policy.

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    As mentioned, driving any other vehicle is usually 3rd party only cover, so you will not be covered for any damage to your son's and partners cars, just any 3rd party involved. Fire & theft will still be from their base policy.

    It will like cost not more or a negligible amount to be a named driver on their policies provided you have a decent racord (you may even reduce theirs) and you would then be covered to the same level they are on those vehicles.
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    I have DOC for emergency use as very occasionally I may have to drive another vehicle, but I don't know whose, usually a one off and for a brief period.

    On vehicles I know I will drive I'm a named driver.
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