Octopus energy double whammy

I renewed my duel fuel account back in august 2023. my current term was due to finish at the end  September 2023. I had a quote by one of their operatives and then went on to ask  about an over night cheap rate tariff. I received a reply that it would mean having a separate account for this. I didn't go back immediately but their operative did give me a nudge a week later and I asked for confirmation of quote which he confirmed was what I had been quoted and I confirmed that I would go with that quote. This was all in the time frame before the end of my current Tariff. I was away on holiday at the beginning of October so didn't think much about the new bill not being available. It seems that Octopus were  'digitising'  the site and my bill was not available. In mid November I contacted Octopus by phone spoke with an operative who said " that rate was invalid" ??? I replied
that well it WAS quoted in August so therefore I would expect that rate to hold firm.he said he would get someone to call me back. that didn't happen I then emailed them to ask about my ongoing account. ( sorry about this ) several e-mails later I had an answer from another operative I assume a little higher up the tree apologising for their operatives mistake and would ensure that they had further training? but they would give me two months at the aforementioned rate and suggest that I could have a different fix rate. The new rates were very different,I was not happy with this and replied to their email saying so.
I have not had a reply other than a newly constructed bill going back to July 2021 which is when I moved to this address. The new balance to my account now stands in debit to the tune of £774.!!
is this the type of service that Octopus energy are supposed to be famous for? I think not!
sorry about the long read Im so upset at 77 yrs old I feel hood winked.


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    Welcome to the forum.
    Please can you give some details of these various tariffs? What tariff are you on now?
    Also, exactly what does it say on your account regarding this £774 debt?
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    BeaJay said:

    I have not had a reply other than a newly constructed bill going back to July 2021 which is when I moved to this address. The new balance to my account now stands in debit to the tune of £774.!!
    Can you compare this revised bill with the previous ones covering that time? In terms of meter readings, unit rates and daily SC? Then compare with the rates you should be paying 9n your old tariff.

    Also compare meter readings against any records that you might have kept.

    I can't see why a tariff change at the end of September should trigger re-billing prior periods, unless everything was done on estimates and they've only just now got a real meter reading.
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    quotes tend to be live at the time of the quote and can be withdrawn at anytime. 
    I don’t quite understand your post but just because you have had a quote before the end of your current tariff doesn’t mean it’s valid until you decide to take it up if the tariff has been withdrawn 
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